Black Ops: Cold War Zombies; Is it good?

Now that the newest iteration of Call of Duty; Cold War has been out for a week, it has given me plenty of time to sink into both multiplayer and zombies. (The campaign as well but that took me all of like 3 hours to complete lol)

As you can see via the screenshot above, I’ve spent a significant amount of time in zombies, learning the ins-and-outs of the new map. With Treyarch at the top of their game this year, we’re bound to see more, but let’s take a little look at what we’ve got so far and if it’s worth the money!

I’d like to start of with the cons today as I have noticed a few, but most of them are not necessarily game related and that is why I’d like to get them out of the way.

  • Server Crashing
  • Menu issues( same ones present in 2019’s Modern Warfare )
  • Hardware Req’s

I wanted to bring these issues up as all of them are nothing new, yet it seems no matter how many years pass, we are still plagued with them. First of all, servers crash often. In a recent video made online, NoahJ624, a popular CoD streamer was going for a new Round world record, however, after nearly 6 hours and 208 rounds of work, a fatal error message occured telling the streamer that the servers had crashed and he was left with nothing but a black screen.

Secondly, the same menu issues that were prevalent in Modern Warfare are still present in Cold War. That is to say, there are a lot of connectivity issues and drop-in/drop-out issues with forming parties with your friends and while this will get patched out soon enough, they are a problem that currently exists.

Finally, with each passing year and each new call of duty game, the cinematography and the graphical limitations are pushed. This is a good thing as with each new game, they look better and better, but with graphical improvements come costs that are significant. For consoles these problems can be that a newer game might come out at the end of its lifespan and suddenly that console isn’t able to run the game well. For PC players this can cause a whole slew of problems with drivers, GPUs, and CPUs.

Now here’s a list of the pros.

  • Big, open, new zombies map.
  • Separate gun progression system
  • All-new easter eggs

With the release of the new zombies map, it didn’t take long for a lot of easter eggs to be found. My personal favorite is the coffin dance!

With the new zombies mode, gun progression is shared with multiplayer now. As you use a gun, it will level up and that change in level will reflect both multiplayer and zombies! Not to mention Multiplayer and Zombies now have their own special camos to unlock for each gun giving a lot more of a grind to players than ever before!

Finally, the new zombies map is absolutely massive and very wide-open meaning that you might find areas in one game that you previously didn’t get to see!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this buy on console assuming you have a decent PC I’d recommend this game on PC as well!