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E. Coli on the rise in Wisconsin

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Green Bay, Wis. – According to health officials, Wisconsin has been seeing a steady rise in E. Coli. cases. These health officials are still in search of the source of these cases.

Wisconsin has seen almost 20 cases since the start of the month.

Because of this, health officials are classifying this as an outbreak. The bacteria has been seen giving people intestinal issues and some of the symptoms can be vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Even though officials are still in search of where these cases are coming from, it is stated that most cases of E. Coli. come from a food source of some type.

It is a contagious virus so if you or anyone are showing signs of this, it is recommended to stay inside until it passes.

Jordan Baierl @ November 19, 2019

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