Oconto woman dies in car crash

Oconto, Wis. – A driver had been hit on Highway 22 in the town of Oconto. She has been identified as Melissa J. Cota. She died when a pickup truck pulling a skidsteer had veered into her lane and they collided. The pickup truck had merged over the center lane to make the turn and […]

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E. Coli on the rise in Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wis. – According to health officials, Wisconsin has been seeing a steady rise in E. Coli. cases. These health officials are still in search of the source of these cases. Wisconsin has seen almost 20 cases since the start of the month. Because of this, health officials are classifying this as an outbreak. […]

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City of Green Bay Passes New Budget

Green Bay, Wis. – Green Bay’s city council voted to pass a new update to the city’s budget. The council voted 7-5 on the new 2020 budget. The council had been in discussion about the new bill along with where cuts and changes needed to be made, however, it does not seem that a whole […]

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Officer Stabbed at Oshkosh High School

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Oshkosh, Wis. – An altercation between a school police officer and a student broke out at Oshkosh West High School.

The student was armed with a knife and approached the police officer, Michael Wissink. The student then stabbed Wissink who shot the student.

Around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Winnebago County dispatchers received a call from Wissink requesting medical services.

Both the student and Officer Wissink were brought into a local hospital for treatment. Neither of the two are believed to have life threatening injuries.

No further punishment has been offered to the student and after a full-day lockdown, classes resumed as normal today.

Jordan Baierl @ December 5, 2019

Two men overdose, then get revived on sidewalk by Fond du Lac paramedics

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At about 5:30 on the morning of November 21, a woman had been driving down the road when she noticed two men laying down on the sidewalk. After further inspection, she had noticed that the two men were unresponsive. She then called in the paramedics.

“Obviously in this case there was a very alert citizen who saw something that was out of place for that neighborhood, that time of the morning, they stopped,” said Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue Chief Peter O’Leary.

Being in the right place at the right time is what saved these two men. If that woman had taken a different route or didn’t take the time to check on the two men, this could have been a totally different story.

“We don’t know how long they were out there,” said O’Leary.

The two men were conscious when they were transported to a local hospital where they were given dosages of Narcan, which is used in an opioid overdose to reverse the effects. So far it is unclear which type of opioids were in their systems.

As of now, the men are still being treated and their names have not been released to the public. More to come in the near future.

Jordan Baierl @ November 24, 2019