Hey there commuters! I’m excited to be here to write about this today! 

You might be curious about what “this” is. Well, I want to write about recovering after break today. This is also the reason I have not posted to my blog for a while. It was just Thanksgiving break and I have got to say, it was a very busy time for me!

I don’t know about you, but in my family, holidays are pretty stressful! We live in a different state than all of my other family members. This means that each holiday season, we have to pick which family to spend our time with and we then need to drive there. This Thanksgiving, we decided to drive out to Ohio to spend some time with our family there! It was so great to spend some time there and catch up with family members who I haven’t seen in a while!

Even though I truly had a wonderful time during this break, I am now realizing that after spending 6 hours in the car within 4 days, I am really dreading spending another 2 hours in the car tomorrow. And every day.

What this break made me realize is that small trips like these can have a serious impact on your attitude as a commuter. Whether you made a trip to visit family or took a vacation with your friends, all of that traveling can be really tiresome. This definitely makes commuting feel more dreadful than normal.

I want to encourage you to look for the positivity in commuting. Remember that commuting gives you the ability to wake up and appreciate things you may not have noticed otherwise. Take a look around during your drive. Try to find the beauty in regular things. It’s out there. I promise. Listen to your favorite songs as loud as you want. Think through these last few weeks before finals. Just do whatever it is that will make you happiest. Then, before you know it, the drive will be over and you will be in your class getting stuff done! YAY! YOU CAN DO IT!

That’s all I have for this topic. I hope it is helpful!