what i learned

Hey there! Thanks for checking back with my blog!

So, this past week, I learned something very important…

THE WEATHER IS CHANGING!!!!! This is so great for so many reasons. The leaves are changing, the air is cool and comfortable and so many fun fall activities are available now! Unfortunately, in addition to all of these amazing changes, there are also some negative changes coming about.

The most important negative change to keep in mind for commuters has got to be the change in the type of weather we are having. Days are shorter and rain and snow are certainly in our near future. This means a few important things need to happen if you want to keep up a positive schedule!

1. You CANNOT press snooze: I know it might seem extremely easy to press snooze every morning, especially now that sunrise does not occur until later in the morning. But I promise you will feel so much better if you wake up when your alarm goes off! Something I have found really helpful is putting my alarm far away from my bed. This way, I am forced to get out of bed to stop that annoying noise!

2. You have to leave earlier than usual: With this crazy weather upon us, it is so important that you remember to add some more time to your normal commute. Usually, an additional 20 minutes should be plenty depending on the severity of the storm you are facing. The good news is that typically, professors will be understanding if you physically are unable to get to class on time, but I would always rather be safe than sorry!

These are the two most important tips I follow, but as usual I am always really curious to hear about the different tips you like to follow! Feel free to comment below!

Thanks again for reading my blog and please continue to check in throughout the week to read about my new adventures!