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    Festival Foods

    Hey everyone! If you have a Festival Foods near you, I highly suggest going there for you next grocery shopping trip! I recently discovered that Festival sells small servings of PRE-CUT fruits and veggies! I know from myself being a college student, and the only person I cook for, I have a hard time justifying buying a whole cantaloupe or a whole cucumber because I know I won’t eat it all before it goes bad. (Not to mention I have abosultely no idea how to cut a cantaloupe.) But once I discovered these beauties, I don’t need to worry about any of those things anymore! The fruits and veggies come…

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    Qdoba Goes Vegan

    Exciting things are happening for vegans in the news! Qdoba has begun testing out vegan Impossible Tacos and Bowls in Michigan. The plant-based Impossible “meat” is soy-based and is seasoned with tomatoes, garlic, smoked chilis, paprika,¬†and diced red onion. You can create your own meal featuring the Impossible “meat”, or you can opt for the “Chef’s creation” of the Impossible Bowl or Impossible Taco. Qdoba and Impossible Foods first tested the product at store locations in Michigan. Impossible Foods was quoted saying they chose that particular state for testing because it had the highest amount of Impossible Food sales besides California and New York. The product will launch on May…

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    Morning Star Farms

    Recently I was at Walmart, and for once I wasn’t on a mission to get in and out of the store as quick as possible, so I did some browsing in the vegan/vegetarian frozen aisle. While there were a lot of different vegan/vegetarian frozen foods there to try, I felt like these two would be a good place to start. These two packages are from the brand Morning Star Farms. They are frozen, meat-alternatives that are 100% vegan. Although I haven’t used these packages yet, I am extremly excited to! I already have a few ideas for the “Chik’n Strips” like: Chicken wraps, and chicken salads. The “Grillers Crumbles” I…