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Morning Star Farms

Recently I was at Walmart, and for once I wasn’t on a mission to get in and out of the store as quick as possible, so I did some browsing in the vegan/vegetarian frozen aisle.

While there were a lot of different vegan/vegetarian frozen foods there to try, I felt like these two would be a good place to start.

These two packages are from the brand Morning Star Farms. They are frozen, meat-alternatives that are 100% vegan.

Although I haven’t used these packages yet, I am extremly excited to! I already have a few ideas for the “Chik’n Strips” like: Chicken wraps, and chicken salads. The “Grillers Crumbles” I am planning on using to make vegan tacos later this week! So stay tuned for those recipes.

Each package had cost around $5.00 so they were super cheap, and the best part is they are pre-made frozen. This is particularily helpful for me since I usually only cook for myself, so I will be able to use half the package and save the rest for a later date. I know most college students are only cooking for themselves as well, and sometimes it can be hard to use up the foods you buy before they go bad, I’m looking at you salad mix! So ontop of the bonus of these packages being vegan, they are also able to use several times if need be.

I really wanted to show you guys these packages even though I haven’t made a recipe with them yet, because these can potentially be a great staple item for every vegan to have in their freezer! These will be great for some easy, quick meals that college students are always looking for.

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