The fifth inning heard round Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Brewers were 8-6 heading into Saturday’s game versus the Philadelphia Phillies. This was an exciting matchup as both teams have dominated baseball throughout the last decade and were playing together in this elite matchup. The Philadelphia Phillies had their ace on the mound, Zack Wheeler, as he faced up against Brewers starter Adrian Houser. This matchup consisted of a shaky start for both pitchers, a wild fifth inning, and a hit that changed the ballgame completely. These three aspects within the ballgame proved to be quite the performance for the Milwaukee Brewers, and was very entertaining to watch.

Adrian Houser on the mound for the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Coming into Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers had lost the game prior to the Philadelphia Phillies and were looking to even out the series. Coming into a rough crowd at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, the Milwaukee Brewers were trying to come out on top and give them a win on the road. Adrian Houser started off the game for the Brewers and gave up an RBI double to Nick Castellanos which gave the score in favor of Philadelphia 1-0. Houser continued to struggle in the third inning, giving up an RBI single and a sacrifice fly, which gave Philadelphia a 3-0 lead. The offense was nowhere to be found and as the innings got later, it gave Milwaukee less time to make the comeback needed to win the ballgame. 
  • Zack Wheeler was dominating the Brewers offense having only given up two hits in four innings with three strikeouts to add. Normally, pitchers start to fatigue as their arm can only handle throwing 90-100 miles per hour for so long. Just when the Brewers needed a spark, Hunter Renfroe started off the inning with a double to deep right field. This was the start to a much needed rally. Shortly after, Omar Narvaez struck out and left Renfroe on second base with one out. Next to hit, fan favorite Lorenzo Cain hit a single to put runners on the corners with one out. Then the tides changed with an RBI single from Jace Peterson to score Hunter Renfroe and advance Lorenzo Cain to second base. Milwaukee had now scored their first run with an opportunity to cash out and additional runs. Being down 1-3 is still a lot in the low scoring sport of baseball. Kolten Wong lined out to the shortstop and possessed the second out of the inning. Philadelphia was one out away from getting out of the inning and stopping the wildfire of hits and runs. Then, Willy Adames hit an RBI single to left field, which scored Lorenzo Cain and advanced Jace Peterson to second base. Now Milwaukee had the tying run on second base with Christian Yelich up at the plate. While Yelich has struggled in the last two years, it’s still not smart to give him a pitch to hit. Well, Zack Wheeler had other plans and threw a slider down the plate that allowed Yelich to hit an RBI single which tied up the ballgame. With Willy Adames on third base, he was 90 feet away from gaining the lead over the Philadelphia Phillies. All of the sudden, both runners from first and third steal the advancing bases and Philadelphia couldn’t get that last out. Adames has just scored from third base on a stolen base attempt and took the lead for the Milwaukee Brewers. Eventually, Andrew McCutchen struck out and the Milwaukee Brewers had finally taken the lead, 4-3. 
Zack Wheeler on the mound for the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Now this game had completely changed due to an incredible fifth inning, and Milwaukee had to maintain the lead and add any additional runs, if possible. The very next inning, the man who started the fifth inning rally hit a blasting home run to right field that traveled over 400 feet. This was a solo home run from Hunter Renfroe that gave the Milwaukee Brewers a 5-3 lead over Philadelphia. This moment gave the Milwaukee Brewers some cushion and allowed them to really take control of this ballgame. It was only right that the man who started the miraculous fifth inning, was able to add the final touch to a terrific offensive performance. The next half inning, Adrian Houser finished the sixth inning strong and helped Milwaukee maintain that lead. Thanks to Trevor Gott, Devin Williams, and Josh Hader, the Milwaukee Brewers were able to maintain the lead necessary to win the ballgame. These three relief pitchers combined for 3.0 IP, innings pitched, while striking out four hitters and only allowing two combined hits. This was a successful day for every pitcher as Adrian Houser was able to comeback after a slow start to help eventually climb back into the ballgame while every relief pitcher kept the lead in tack throughout the last three innings.

Saturday’s game was very entertaining and provided a rollercoaster of emotions for fans watching this ballgame. Whether it was being upset by the fact that Milwaukee was allowing many runs early on, or the fact that Milwaukee came back from all odds and won the ballgame, it set forth an incredible game to watch. Thus far, this game has been one of my personal favorite games and would recommend watching highlights of the game to understand the significance of these moments. This matchup possessed poor starting pitching for both pitchers, an incredible offensive inning, and a dominant close out to end and win the ballgame.


2018 Season

When thinking about the Milwaukee Brewers within the last decade, it’s common for fans to remember the 2018 season. 2018 was a memorable year for Milwaukee Brewers fans and holds a special place in hearts all across the country. This 2018 season from the Milwaukee Brewers consisted of MVP level play from Christian Yelich, the greatest rivalry game in franchise history, and postseason success and failure.

Christian Yelich tipping his cap to Milwaukee Brewers fans
  • When people think of that 2018 season, one of the first things that comes to mind is Christian Yelich’s MVP season. Christian Yelich was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers from the Miami Marlins in exchange for a few young prospects. Yelich had won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards with his time in Miami and was a player that was very underappreciated in Miami. Immediately, Yelich made a huge impact for the Brewers and made his first All-Star appearance. Christian Yelich had a phenomenal second half of the 2018 season which put himself in the MVP, Most Valuable Player, conversation. Yelich led the league in batting average and OPS, On-Base + Slugging Percentage. He ended up winning the MVP award and led Milwaukee to their first postseason appearance since 2011. Christian Yelich had also won the Silver Slugger award in 2018 due to his great hitting season. Yelich put Milwaukee on the map and helped lead the Milwaukee Brewers to a ton of success both in the regular season and the postseason. 
  • There was one specific moment that was very memorable for Brewers fans during the 2018 season. Game 163 in specific, was one of the greatest games ever in Milwaukee Brewers history. Heading into the game, the Milwaukee Brewers hadn’t won the NL Central division since 2011 and they would face off against the Chicago Cubs in an extra elimination game to determine the winner of the NL Central division. Both teams were tied with 95 wins during the regular season and had the opportunity to beat their divisional rivals in order to secure a division clinching win. Jhoulys Chacin started on the mound for the Milwaukee Brewers as they traveled to Chicago. The game started off slow until the top of the third inning, in which Christian Yelich hit an RBI single to score Orlando Arcia to take the lead 1-0. This game was low scoring and was a battle that went on back and forth with the Milwaukee lead looking promising. But, in the bottom of the fifth inning, Anthony Rizzo for the Chicago Cubs hit a solo home run which tied the ball game. It wasn’t until the top of the eighth inning where another run was scored. Thanks to Lorenzo Cain and Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers were able to score two additional runs creating a 3-1 lead in the eighth inning. With a chance to win the NL Central division, there was lots of tension, especially playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Eventually, there was a fly ball in the bottom of the ninth inning, which had a chance to carry beyond the stadium but was caught by outfielder Keon Broxton to win the game and clinch the NL Central division.
Ryan Braun and Orlando Arcia shaking hands in Game 163
  • Much of the success in the regular season was appreciated, but won’t be remembered as well as their success in the postseason. The Milwaukee Brewers won the NL Central division which clinched a playoff spot. They would end up playing against the Colorado Rockies in the National League Divisional Series. This was a best of five series with the chance to advance to the National League Championship Series. Milwaukee hosted game one and two and utilized home field to their advantage. In game one, the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Colorado Rockies on a walk off hit by Mike Moustakas. This really set the tone for the rest of the series as Milwaukee was able to come out on top in game two as well in Milwaukee. Milwaukee was up 2-0 in the divisional series with a chance to advance to the NLCS. They had to travel to Colorado in game three as they faced a tough Rockie’s crowd. Milwaukee shut them out completely and hit numerous home runs, winning 6-0 and advancing to the NLCS. The Milwaukee Brewers faced the Los Angeles Dodgers in a seven game series with the chance to advance to the World Series. Milwaukee started off the series hot with a game one victory. The series went back and forth as both teams took games from one another. The series was eventually tied at 3-3 as both teams headed back to Milwaukee with a chance to advance to the World Series. Christian Yelich started off game seven with a solo home run. Shortly after, Cody Bellinger for the Los Angeles Dodgers hit a two run home run to take the lead for LA. This game was a battle as both teams had opportunities to score runs but were unable to close the game until Yasiel Puig came to the plate. With two runners on base, Puig hit a monster home run which scored three runs and created a four run lead for Los Angeles. Eventually the Brewers lost, as the Los Angeles Dodgers were heading to the World Series. This was devastating for Brewers fans and it hurt even more because of how close they were to achieving the final destination.

The 2018 season was remarkable in many aspects and is memorable for all Brewers fans. While they didn’t quite achieve the goal of winning a World Series, they were able to make it to game seven of the NLCS which is incredibly impressive. Considering different aspects including MVP play from Christian Yelich, a historic rivalry game, and fantastic postseason success, I would say this season was ultimately a success. This season set the stage for multiple postseason appearances in the future and created a winning culture in Milwaukee. This season was an important step for the Milwaukee Brewers franchise as it set the stage for future years to come. 


Mike Brosseau’s go-ahead home run

With the first week of the 2022 MLB regular season coming to an end, I figured I would highlight the moment of the week for the Milwaukee Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers are 4-3 to start the season and have already had some wild and entertaining moments. They have faced the Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, and the St. Louis Cardinals. There has been one moment thus far that has really stood out among others, and that is Mike Brosseau’s home run against the Chicago Cubs. In this article, I will highlight the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers, the situation of the game heading into this moment, and background information on Mike Brosseau and why this moment was so special and important to himself and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Mike Brosseau and Willy Adames celebrating
  • The Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs have had this rivalry since Milwaukee transferred into the National League Central division in 1998. This rivalry is called the I-94 rivalry, based on their close location off of Interstate 94. Now to put into perspective how close this rivalry has been versus one another, heading into this game they were tied at 200-200 all time facing each other. This series was the first series to start the 2022 season and Milwaukee had lost both games to start off the season looking for their first victory of the new season. There had been some tension between the two ball clubs as the day before, there was a brawl between both franchises. Milwaukee had hit three Chicago hitters that day and as a means for revenge, Chicago pitcher Keegan Thompson intentionally hit Brewer’s hitter Andrew McCutchen which started a brawl at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Since 2020, Milwaukee Brewers pitchers have hit 27 Chicago hitters and Chicago Cubs pitchers have hit 26 Milwaukee hitters. This is extremely high and each franchise would agree that there is bad blood between the two ball clubs.
  • On 4/10/2022, the Milwaukee Brewers faced the Chicago Cubs in an epic battle. Seiya Suzuki had been one of the biggest free agents last year coming from the Japanese League and was ready to make an impact for his new team, the Chicago Cubs. In the first inning, the starting pitcher for the Brewers, Freddy Peralta, gave up a three run home run to Seiya Suzuki, which was his first in the MLB, to give the Chicago Cubs a 3-0 lead. This was devastating as players and fans were hoping to start the game with the lead. It felt demoralizing after losing both games prior as it seemed like their was the potential for a sweep, in which the Cubs would win all three games. Two innings later, Willy Adames for the Milwaukee Brewers takes a high rising sinker and smashes it beyond the center field wall scoring in one run as Milwaukee was still down 1-3 in the third inning. This gave fans hope as they wanted to see Milwaukee comeback from this deficit. Three innings later, the ballgame changed in favor of Milwaukee. Christian Yelich hit an RBI double to score another run and shortly after, Rowdy Tellez hit a two run home run which gave the lead to Milwaukee. Brent Suter came in relief for Freddy Peralta in the fifth inning and pitched well besides walking two hitters in the sixth inning, forcing manager Craig Counsell to take him out and put Jake Cousins in the ballgame. Jake Cousins had runners on first and second base and threw a wild pitch which advanced the runners to second and third base with two outs in the inning. Shortly after, Cousins threw another wild pitch which scored the tying run for the Chicago Cubs with the winning run on third base. Cousins finally struck out the last hitter with the game tied 4-4 heading into the seventh inning. 
  • Now more importantly, who is Mike Brosseau? Mike Brosseau is a utility infielder, which means he can play every position within the infield. Mike Brosseau was from a city in Northwest Indiana and grew up as a Chicago Cubs fan. Brosseau signed with the Tampa Bay Ray’s minor league team out of college and excelled in the minor leagues, eventually making his debut in 2019. Brosseau had a nice career in Tampa Bay before eventually being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers before the 2022 MLB season. Mike Brosseau had never played at Wrigley Field and knew this opportunity would give him the chance to live out his dream of playing baseball at his favorite ballpark, Wrigley Field. Brosseau had played in both games prior and had yet to get a base hit in Chicago. Coming into the seventh inning of the ballgame, Brosseau had the opportunity to pinch hit for the Milwaukee Brewers. Mike Brosseau would face former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Daniel Norris with a chance to prove his worth to this new ball club. With a 2-0 count in the at-bat, Mike Brosseau launched a solo home run over the center field wall to give the Milwaukee Brewers a one run lead in the seventh inning. Brosseau had never hit a home run in a pinch hit opportunity and it seemed to be a magical moment for the younger Brewer. The Milwaukee Brewers eventually won the ballgame by a score of 5-4 in favor of Milwaukee, thanks to the much needed home run from Mike Brosseau. 
Mike Brosseau showing excitement

This moment was crucial for Milwaukee as they needed a lead in order to secure their first victory of the season. Especially in a rivalry game, every game matters and more specifically getting the first win of the season was necessary from a moral standpoint. Mike Brosseau was finally able to live his childhood dreams and hit a go ahead home run at Wrigley Field. This was a moment that will never be forgotten for Mike Brosseau and is one of his greatest moments throughout his young career. Brewers fans were very grateful for the go ahead home run and it will be one of the defining moments throughout the 2022 season for the Milwaukee Brewers. Hopefully this moment will spark many future victories for the Milwaukee Brewers and give Mike Brosseau the confidence to hit well at any ballpark.


Kolten Wong

     With the 2022 season underway, I figured I would show my statistical predictions for the two time Gold Glove award winner, Kolten Wong. There are three statistical metrics that I will use to showcase impact which includes batting average, hits, and steals. These numbers will be based on the assumption that Kolten Wong is healthy and getting regular at-bats throughout the 2022 MLB season. With that being said, I predict Kolten to have an astounding season. While he has always been a great defensive player, I will focus on his offensive impact.

Kolten Wong tagging a runner out
  • First, one of the most important offensive statistics is batting average. Batting average includes how often a player reaches on base from a base-hit. This statistic ranges from 0-1, normally in between .100 and .400 for most players. Throughout Wong’s career, he has maintained a career batting average of .262, which is pretty impressive. In 2021, the average batting average throughout the MLB was .244. Kolten was 0.018 above average which is a large margin for batting average, indicating that Kolten Wong gets on base through base hits at a higher level than the average hitter. Based on his performance last year and throughout his career, I expect Kolten Wong to hit for a .268 batting average. This is higher than his normal batting average throughout his career and since he is entering the prime of his career, I expect a better yearly performance in 2022.
  • Another important statistic for offensive players is getting on base through base hits. Hits are very important and can ultimately determine the success of not only the player, but the team as well. Kolten Wong is generally a leadoff hitter, which means he hits first in the batting lineup. Players that hit leadoff generally get on base a lot and generate high success rates when hitting a baseball. Kolten Wong had 121 hits last season for the Milwaukee Brewers which was the third most in a season for himself. I expect Wong to generate a ton of hits as he should leadoff for the Milwaukee Brewers and generate many run opportunities for hitters that are lower in the lineup. I expect Wong to have roughly 114 base hits, as he normally will reach these numbers when playing 120+ games which should happen. If he is able to get hot for an extended period of time, I can see Wong reaching as many as 130 hits within the 2022 season which is always a possibility when being a great hitter such as Kolten Wong.
  • Since Kolten Wong reaches on base often, he tends to steal bases at a decent rate. Stealing a base refers to the act of a player reaching on any base and running towards and touching the next base before any opposing player tags him with the baseball in their glove. Players that can run faster are normally better at stealing bases. Kolten Wong is seen as a player that can run at a faster rate than most which makes him a threat for opposing players. Last year, Wong had 12 stolen bases which isn’t the most impressive but shows he can be sneaky on the base path. I expect Kolten Wong to have even more success stealing bases with a prediction of 14 stolen bases in the 2022 MLB season. This is important as it advances base runners to put them in a better position to score runs. Wong is seen as an athlete with sneaky speed which comes to his advantage when stealing bases.
Kolten Wong stealing a base

Kolten Wong is regarded as one of the best defensive fielders at the second base position but his offensive performances are criminally underrated. He has been a consistently solid leadoff hitter for Milwaukee and continues to prove his worth offensively every ballgame. In 2022, I expect Kolten Wong to possess a .268 batting average, 114 base hits, and 14 stolen bases. This would be considered a solid season for Kolten Wong and I fully expect him to reach these numbers and potentially play better than expected. After watching him when he played in St. Louis and then seeing his performance in Milwaukee, it’s easy to see that he has All-Star potential and hopefully will make that leap this year.


Freddy Peralta

     Freddy Peralta, aka Fastball Freddy as many fans call him, had a fantastic 2021 season including his first ever All-Star appearance. While he was incredible in 2021, it may be hard to reach similar numbers and production that he put on in 2021. I will give my predictions for his performance throughout the 2022 season barring any potential injuries. I will use three statistics to test his measured performance throughout next season including ERA, Earned Runs Average, Strikeouts, and Home Runs Allowed.  

Freddy Peralta pumping his fist out of excitement
  • While I still expect great performances, I do expect him not to play as well as he did last season. Freddy had a 2.81 ERA, Earned Runs Average, which was tied for sixth in all of Major League Baseball. Throughout his four year career he possesses a 3.87 ERA. I project him to be similar to the player he was last year maintaining a 3.25 ERA. The reason why I expect his performance to lower is due to the changing of the game as his primary pitch, his fastball, to be more easily read by hitters since he has thrown enough innings for hitters to scout his pitches. When a pitcher doesn’t diversify his pitches, they can be easily read by hitters.
  • Freddy Peralta has proven he deserves his respect throughout all of Major League Baseball with his incredible high rising fastball that tricks hitters of all shapes and sizes. He gained the nickname “Fastball Freddy” with the high usage of his fastball pitch. With the increase in velocity and the spinning of the seams, it creates a very dangerous pitch for opposing hitters. Based on last year, Freddy Peralta averaged roughly five innings per starting appearance. Assuming he pitches every game barring any injury, he would pitch in 32 different starting appearances. With the current rate of 12.1 strikeouts per nine innings throughout his career, he is on pace for roughly 215 strikeouts this upcoming season which would break his past career high in 2021. This number will be hard to attain as it’s unlikely that he stays healthy throughout the season as if he has even the slightest discomfort, staff and coaches will let him rest for an appearance to make sure it’s not more serious.
  • Something that hurt Freddy Peralta early in his career was his inability to stop the home run ball. Since he throws fastballs more often than not, it creates a door for power hitters to crank the high velocity pitch out of the ballpark. Throughout his career he has averaged 1.0 home runs per nine innings which is considered high and can lose ball games in close scenarios. Freddy has given up 39 home runs throughout his first four seasons which is equivalent to roughly ten home runs per season. I expect him to give up around 17 home runs due to the increase in innings pitched and due to the fact that it’s hard to not give up home runs when fastballs are thrown often. While giving up 17 home runs in a season is not an insanely high amount, it puts Freddy in a middle tier in terms of giving up home runs and could be costly for the Brewers.
Freddy Peralta winding up for a pitch

     Freddy Peralta is an All-Star caliber talent and could very much play beyond expectations for this upcoming 2022 season. As stated earlier, I predict Freddy to possess a 3.25 ERA, Earned Runs Average, with 215 strikeouts while giving up 17 total home runs throughout the season. Freddy Peralta signed a contract that has him playing in Milwaukee for four more seasons, which will hopefully result in more winning success and bring the Brewers back into the MLB playoffs. I hope for Freddy to have an even better season than his 2021 season which could result in another All-Star appearance.


Free Agent Signings: Andrew McCutchen

     On March 14th 2022, the Milwaukee Brewers acquired the former National League MVP, Andrew McCutchen. This was a signing that came out of nowhere as he wasn’t a target that most fans thought would come to Milwaukee based on past playing experiences. In this article, I will explain why this signing was solid for the Milwaukee Brewers and how he can become a useful player for the Milwaukee Brewers. Through his hitting statistics versus left handed pitchers, elite veteran presence, and previous experience hitting in Milwaukee, he will be a vital tool for success here in Milwaukee.

Andrew McCutchen on the San Francisco Giants
  • First, let’s talk about the main reason why the Milwaukee Brewers ultimately signed Andrew McCutchen. They signed him due to his strengths of being able to hit well against left handed pitchers, which was an area that was astronomically weak for Milwaukee. In the last three seasons, Andrew McCutchen has a batting average of .291 with an OBP, on base percentage, of .407 and a slugging percentage of .567. All of these statistics are very impressive especially for a player that is 36 years old and has played a very long tenured career. In terms of OPS, On Base Percentage + Slugging Percentage, the Milwaukee Brewers ranked 23rd in Major League Baseball when facing left handed pitchers. Adding Andrew McCutchen will be a big boost for the Brewers as he can play virtually anywhere in the outfield while also being flexible enough to play as a Designated Hitter. His ability to hit efficiently against left-handed pitchers will provide much flexibility within the lineup for the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Along with his great hitting against left handed pitchers, he also brings in an elite and essential veteran presence for the young outfielders on this Brewers team. To give some background, Andrew McCutchen was drafted 11th by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2005 and made his way up to the MLB a few years later. McCutchen played nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, accumulating five All-Star selections, one Gold Glove, three Silver Sluggers and one Most Valuable Player award. McCutchen was most known for his time in Pittsburgh creating many memories for fanbases in the National League. Growing up and watching baseball, it was hard to root for him since he played for one of the Brewer’s divisional rivals. McCutchen made the postseason as the Pirate’s best player three years in a row from 2013-2015 where they were unable to get over the hump and play in the MLB World Series. McCutchen eventually moved on from Pittsburgh where he played in New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia. McCutchen will be a great presence for young outfielders such as Tyrone Taylor and Garrett Mitchell and could provide some useful insight to the next generation of Brewers outfielders.
  • The last reason why this signing is exciting, is due to the dominance that McCutchen has had playing at American Family Field, the Milwaukee Brewers stadium. McCutchen has tallied 77 total games at American Family Field and possesses a .289 batting average along with a .931 OPS and 23 home runs. These statistics are very impressive regardless of what stadium. Normally when players come to Milwaukee they tend to see an increase in offensive performance due to the stadium being smaller and what is known as a “hitters ballpark”. Normally, a team will play 81 games at home which would almost align perfectly with these statistics above. This would be absolutely incredible if he were able to hit like this and I don’t expect that but based on his presence, I like his chances to break out as a solid hitter for the Brewers.
Andrew McCutchen on the Philadelphia Phillies

This acquisition will provide great efforts for the Milwaukee Brewers as he is able to be a great hitter against left handed pitchers, bring in a veteran presence, and has prior experience hitting well in Milwaukee. While I don’t think Andrew McCutchen will be the best player, he will definitely play a solid role in Milwaukee and should help the Brewers win some crucial ball games later in the season. I expect McCutchen to fit in nicely with the ballclub and understand what it takes to win postseason games. Overall, I like this signing as it brings in more depth which is important when playing a 162 game season and will bring in important attributes that are much needed for the Brewers ballclub.


2011 Season

One of the greatest seasons from any Milwaukee Brewers team was the 2011 MLB season. This season was the year that I started watching Brewers baseball and still standouts as some of the best baseball I have ever watched. This season consisted of great team chemistry along with the franchise’s first division title since moving to the National League. In this article, I will highlight the dynamic duo consisting of Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, the phenomenal pitching staff, and the greatest walk off hit in franchise history.

Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder Celebration
  • The 2011 season was led by two incredibly talented players, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Ryan Braun was the starting left fielder and Prince Fielder was the starting first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers. Prince Fielder placed third in the MVP, Most Valuable Player voting while Ryan Braun took first place in MVP voting. They had two of the top three players in 2011 and were incredible offensively. Ryan Braun had a batting average of .332 along with 33 home runs and 111 RBIs. Prince Fielder had a batting average of .299 along with 38 home runs and 120 RBIs. Both were offensive threats for opposing pitchers and led the Milwaukee Brewers to one of the best offenses in all of Major League Baseball.
  • While the Milwaukee Brewers were known for their incredibly top heavy offensive talent, they had a group of pitchers that were spectacular for the Brewers. Pitchers such as Yovani Gallardo, Zack Greinke, and John Axford were crucial for their team success. The National League Cy Young Award is given to the best pitcher in the National League. Yovani Gallardo placed seventh and John Axford placed ninth in NL Cy Young voting. Yovani Gallardo was the best starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers throwing a 3.52 ERA, Earned Runs Average, while throwing for 207.1 IP, Innings Pitched. John Axford was the best relief pitcher in the National League as he possessed a 1.95 ERA along with 46 saves which tied for first in the National League. Along with having two of the top ten pitchers in the National League, they acquired Zack Greinke at the trade deadline who was incredible during his time in Milwaukee. Greinke had the sixth most wins by a pitcher and the seventh most strikeouts in the National League.
Photo of John Axford
  • While this season had many memorable moments, there is one moment that tops them all. The Milwaukee Brewers played the Arizona Diamondbacks in game five of the National League Divisional Series. The winner of this game would advance to the National League Championship Series which would determine who would advance to the World Series. Winning this game was very important for the Milwaukee Brewers as they hadn’t had much overall success as a franchise so it was vital they come out on top. The game was very close and low scoring as heading into the ninth inning, the Milwaukee Brewers led the game two to one. Though the Brewers needed only three outs, they were unable to sustain their lead. The Diamondbacks scored one run in the ninth inning which tied up the ballgame. Heading into the tenth inning, the momentum was all towards Arizona but the Brewers held them to zero runs in the tenth inning and had an opportunity to walk it off. Craig Counsell, former player and now manager for the Brewers, led off the inning and flew out to right field. Then Carlos Gomez hit a single up the middle and shortly after, stole second base. Now with a runner in scoring position, the Milwaukee Brewers had a chance to win. Nyjer Morgan, who was having a bad series offensively, came up in the most clutch way possible, with an RBI single up the middle of the field that scored Carlos Gomez and sent the Milwaukee Brewers to the NLCS. This hit is the most memorable and impactful hit throughout the entirety of this beloved franchise. 

The 2011 season is a season that will go down in history as one of the biggest “what ifs” as they ended up losing in the NLCS to the St. Louis Cardinals. While it didn’t end in a World Series appearance, it was still very much a successful season. From having elite hitters to spectacular pitching performances, the Milwaukee Brewers were able to win the National League Central division for the first time since joining the National League in 1998. This season will always hold a special place in my heart and has given fans hope for many years to come.


1982 Season

The Milwaukee Brewers are a newer franchise within Major League Baseball and don’t possess many historic seasons. While they are new, the 1982 MLB season was very memorable for Brewer’s fans all across the United States. This was the season where the Milwaukee Brewers made the World Series, which is the championship in Major League Baseball. After a season where they fell short in the playoffs, they finally made it to the biggest stage in all of baseball. In this article, I will highlight the leader of this ballclub, the elite offense, and the ending result of this season.

1982 Team Photo
  • When looking back at the 1982 season, the one player that sticks out more than anybody is Robin Yount. Robin Yount had an incredible season that has stuck out as one of the greatest seasons ever by a player. Robin Yount won the American League MVP that season and included accolades such as the Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, All-Star Selection and more. The MVP, or Most Valuable Player, is given to the best overall player throughout an entire season. The Silver Slugger is an award given to the best overall hitter and the Gold Glove is given to the best fielder at each position, through which he won at the shortstop position. Along with those awards given after the regular season, he also was a participant in the 1982 All-Star Game which is given to the best players during the middle of each season. Robin Yount was a key piece as to why the Brewers went to the World Series which was highlighted by these terrific accolades.
  • The main reason why this ballclub went so far into the playoffs was because of the elite offense that they possessed. Known as “Harvey’s Wallbangers” which was a reference to their manager Harvey Kuenn. This team was known for hitting home runs, which is when a player hits a ball in fair territory out of the stadium playing field. The Milwaukee Brewers had 216 home runs which was 30 more than the next best team in the league. Along with their incredible power, they had the second highest batting average with a combined team average of .279 only trailing the Kansas City Royals at .285. Having a higher average normally means that hitters are getting on base more which means that runs are coming from both power and contact hitters. There is a statistic that combines a metric of power and contact called OPS, On-Base Percentage+Slugging Percentage. The Milwaukee Brewers led the MLB in that category therefore determining them to be the best overall offense in 1982.
  • The ending of this season resulted in a World Series loss, ultimately placing second in the 1982 season. The Milwaukee Brewers faced the St. Louis Cardinals in a seven game series to find out who the ultimate champion would be. The Milwaukee Brewers won game one by a score of 10-0 in St. Louis. Games two and three however went towards St. Louis and the Brewers were down one to two in the seven game series. In games four and five, the Milwaukee Brewers won both and therefore leading the series three games to two with a chance to win the World Series. This dream ultimately fell short as the St. Louis Cardinals won the two remaining games and clinched a World Series victory. This was devastating for Brewers fans, players, and everyone supporting them as they were one game away from being crowned the champions of the 1982 World Series. 
Photo from the American League Championship Series

The 1982 season was a season that many Brewer’s fans will remember as it will go down as the best season in franchise history up to this day. This season consisted of elite play from top tier players, offensive greatness, a cool slogan for the team and so much more. While I wasn’t there to witness this season as I was yet to be born, I have seen highlights and heard from fans who were there to witness and it is regarded as a fond memory all across the state of Wisconsin.


Josh Hader: Player Overview

The most reliable pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers within the last five years has been Josh Hader. Since making his debut in 2017, Hader has made his presence well known not only among Milwaukee Brewers fans but MLB fans as well. Josh Hader has made the All Star game three times in his career and has won the National League Reliever of the Year award three different times. This award is given to the best relief pitcher in the National League that season and Hader has done that three times in his career. He added his third Reliever of the Year award in the 2021 season. This article will break down Josh Hader’s phenomenal season by showcasing three different metrics including ERA, or Earned run average, saves, and strikeouts. 

  • ERA, or Earned run average, is a statistic that calculates the amount of runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings. If a pitcher gives up three runs in nine innings then that pitcher would have a 3.00 ERA which would be considered above average. To put that into perspective, the average ERA throughout the league was 4.26. This means that an average pitcher would give up 4.26 runs per nine innings. Josh Hader led all relief pitchers in ERA with a 1.23 ERA. He only gave up 1.23 runs per nine innings which is absolutely incredible and is considered a historic season by a relief pitcher. Hader gave up the least amount of runs per nine innings through the entire league.
  • Next, let’s talk about the saves statistic. What is a “save”?  A save is a statistic used for a pitcher who finishes and wins the ballgame, most of the time within the ninth inning of a game. Along with winning the game, the lead from the opposing team cannot be more than a three run differential. Josh Hader had 34 saves in the 2021 season which was fourth in the MLB. Along with that, he had the best save percentage in the MLB. Hader had 34 saves out of 35 potential opportunities which is equivalent to .971% of save opportunities. The next highest relief pitcher had a .958 save percentage. This statistic is incredibly important because it’s vital for a relief pitcher to clinch a victory at the end of the game, especially when the game is close in score. Having a reliever that can clinch victories when up by a short amount is crucial for winning ball clubs.
  • Lastly, Josh Hader was fourth in strikeouts throughout all of baseball and was first within the National League among relievers. A strikeout occurs when a pitcher gets a hitter to accumulate three strikes. A strike can consist of a batter swinging at the baseball and missing. A strike can also come from a foul ball, which is when a batter hits a baseball out of fair play. Once three strikes are accumulated, then a strikeout happens which results in one out. Josh Hader had 102 strikeouts through the 2021 season which ranked first in the National League. This just shows how dominant Josh Hader was that he was able to get hitters out by making them miss his pitches and outsmarting them with each pitch.

Josh Hader had an incredible 2021 season that will go down as one of the greatest seasons by a relief pitcher ever in the game of baseball. With the incredible numbers revolving around ERA, saves and strikeouts, Hader was able to dominate opposing hitters and make it a nightmare to face off against him. Josh Hader had the best season of his short career and hopefully will continue to scare hitters in Milwaukee for a long time.


Christian Yelich: Player Overview

The star of the Milwaukee Brewers, Christian Yelich, has gone through many ups and downs during his career. This article will go in-depth into the season that Christian Yelich most recently had and will highlight statistical references to showcase this season. Specifically, I will highlight three statistics to showcase his performance compared to an average player including batting average(BA), runs batted in(RBIS), and On-Base Percentage(OBP).

  • First, lets talk about batting average. What is batting average? Well, batting average is the number of hits divided by the number of at bats. In baseball, when someone makes contact with the baseball and the ball doesn’t reach first base before the runner touches the bag then that is considered a “hit”. An “at-bat” is when a player faces an opposing pitcher at Homeplate. The Major League Baseball’s, MLB, average batting average is .244. This means out of every 1000 at bats that a player will get 244 hits. Christian Yelich’s average last year was .248. So to put that into perspective he only had 4 more hits out of 1000 at bats that were above average within Major League Baseball.
  • Next, we can talk about RBIs or Runs Batted In. RBIs are accumulated when a batter gets a runner to run around the bases and reach Homeplate. The runner can be on first, second, or third base and reach home on a hit, walk or error. Christian Yelich had 51 RBIs throughout the 2021 season. This was the least amount of RBIs he had in a season where he played most or all of the season, excluding injury’s. Christian Yelich has been recognized as one of the best players in all of Major League Baseball yet was 153rd in RBIs. This is even worse considering that he has the 18th largest contract in all of Major League Baseball.
  • Lastly, we can speak about On-Base Percentage or OBP. OBP showcases how often a player reaches any base through a percentage metric. The average OBP throughout the MLB was .317 which means a player gets on base 317 times out of 1000 at bats. Christian Yelich had an OBP of .362 which is above average by a decent margin. This means that he gets more walks to get on base than a normal hitter.

Through these statistics, we can see that Christian Yelich had an above average season but didn’t showcase anything spectacular considering the situation that he is currently in. After having years we he possessed .326/.329 BA and 110/97 RBIs and .402/.429 OBP, it isn’t impressive to see the numbers he put up in the 2021 season. I hope to see a much better season from Christian Yelich in the years to come.