Spring Festivities

Spring is here! This is when the spring festivities begin. Starting this weekend, we start to see more and more car meets. This Saturday, April 16th we have the WCEC season opener. After this weekend there will be meets 24/7. Fridays-Sunday will be the most busy days so make sure to follow car groups on Facebook. While automotion is probably the biggest ones in the state, there will be many large meets coming up. The car community is growing and as the weather gets nice, more and more people are bringing their cars out of storage. While some meets are just for fun, others actually raise money for local charities. Even that can interest people in attending.

Now is the time to get your cars prepared for the 2022 car season. Every year bigger and better meets are being created. Looking under Facebook events you can find meets listed for almost every weekend. Self washes will start becoming the go-to place to wash your car so make sure you go early enough that you can make it to these awesome meets in time!

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