Automotion is next month! On the weekend of May 20th through the 22, the Wisconsin Dells becomes one of the busiest car scenes in the state of Wisconsin. This is a huge car meet basically that has exciting activities going on all weekend. If you are planning a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, you may want to stay away this weekend if you don’t want to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The main road through town will be jammed with all sorts of cars. Everything from classics to JDM and everything in between. While most of the enjoyment is driving the “strip” which is what the main road through town is called, there are also other activities. The Grateful Shed will be hosting a burn out pit and others will be hosting separate meet-up spots to attend. There will also be a drifting event done on a track near by.The atmosphere is like no other car scene, and it gets pretty wild. Since it will be getting warm out, make sure you are packing water to stay hydrated. If you are planning on attending and still have reserved a room, you might want to doso NOW. Thousands of people have posted that they are going on the group Facebook page.

For more information on events and times visit the Automotion 2022 Facebook page.

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