A recipe for disaster

A lot of people my age think that they must be extremely strict with their diets, workouts, and overall weight goals. Well let me tell you, being extremely strict is a recipe for disaster.

I’m not saying it’s not okay to have these goals and want to reach them. However, I have actually heard people say “if i eat this chocolate bar today, then i’ll have to skip lunch tomorrow.” And that is most definitely NOT healthy. You should not deprive your body of meals because you decided to reward yourself with a piece of candy. We are all college students, we need to remember that we most likely will not be able to be completely healthy, every minute of every single day. Sometimes you get your heart broken, and you just need to mend your broken heart with a pint of ice cream. Sometimes you do really great on a test, and you need to celebrate by getting a half priced margarita with your best friends. And let me tell you something… THAT IS OKAY.

It is amazing to have goals, and work hard to reach those goals. But it is also okay to be human, and allow yourself to eat something that you really enjoy, that is not totally good for you. You have the rest of your life to diet, lose weight, and achieve your dream body. But you only have four years of half priced margaritas on a Tuesday, pizza that delivers till 3am, and an excuse to eat McDonald s in bed on a Sunday. So be kind to your body, you deserve it!


(Not really related to being healthy, but I thought it was appropriate)


Happy Eating,




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