About Me

Hello fellow students,

My name is Annie Murphy and I am currently a Junior at UW-Whitewater. One of my biggest struggles throughout my college career has been trying to stay in shape, and eat healthy without cutting out all the good stuff from my diet. Those who know me, know that I am a Big Mac loving, pizza eating, 3am snacking kind of girl. And for me, getting rid of carbs, booze, and everything considered “junk food” ┬áis most definitely not an option. My love for good food is just too deep. So instead, I have found many ways to stay healthy, and in shape without becoming obsessed with my diet. These methods vary from new workouts I have found, portioning food, and finding easy recipes to cook. My goal is to help other college students understand that the Whole 30, detoxes, and other extreme diets are not the only, or best, ways to shed a few pounds. So, if you’d really like to get yourself in shape, but still really want to eat that extra cheesy pizza, you’ve come to the right place.