Switch Up Your Workout

For some people, making up new work outs is very easy. I am definitely not one of those people, I tend to stick with the same workout for quite a while. However, it is extremely important that you switch up your workouts when you go the the gym.

Let’s start with weight lifting, if you work the same muscles every day, lifting the same exact weights, you will only bulk up that certain part of your body. It’s important to work all the muscles in your body. Even if you don’t want to have huge muscles, still work that part of your body, just with a lower weight. This will help keep your body toned.


Now for cardio. If you love running on the treadmill, and do it every day, you are actually doing a disservice to yourself. Doing the same workout everyday actually makes your body immune to it, and will not allow you to burn the maximum amount of calories. Now, I’m not saying if you love to run, you shouldn’t run. But you should think about switching up your run everyday. Do different speeds, different inclines, different intervals. This will keep your body moving, and burning calories instead of just getting used to the same routine every day.


If you’re having trouble thinking of new things to try at the gym, look online, ask a friend, or just ask someone else at the gym, most people are more than willing to help. Finding new workouts will not only help you get the most of your workout, but will prevent you from getting bored, and will ultimately help your motivation to hit the gym.


Happy Eating,


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