Crash Diets Will Make You Crash

In this day in age, many people believe that hardcore diets, where they cut out a large amount of foods, are the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to lose weight. While it may be true that these “crash diets” are a very quick way to lose weight, they are not the most effective, and certainly not the most healthy.

Your body needs these foods to function properly so when you cut them out completely, you lose energy, have more cravings, and confuse your body. Not to mention, these diets are almost never successful. Yes, it’s true, if you do a carb free diet, you will lose weight left and right. However, almost everyone I know that has done these diets has gained all the weight back that they lost, and often times, even more than that. These diets are also very ineffective because they start to burn muscle instead of just burning fat. So if you’re trying to tone your body while also getting yourself in shape, these diets are most certainly not for you.

Below, I have inserted an image that explains why most crash diets fail:


I think this image really does a good job of summing up all the reasons why these crash diets are extremely unhealthy for your body. These may results may seem very satisfying at first, but I can assure you they will not last. You are actually just hurting your body more than helping it. So, I suggest sticking to a strict workout schedule, healthy eating, and you already know… moderation is key.


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