Goal Setting

New year, New me… We’ve all been there. Today I am addressing new years resolutions, and how to stick to them when it comes to staying in shape.

When New Years rolls around, it’s very common for people to set goals about how they are going to lose weight or just stay in shape in general, and let me tell you, these goals are usually completely unrealistic. “I’m not going to eat any junk food, ever.””I’m going to work out seven days a week.””I’m cutting carbs out of my diet completely.” I’ve seen them all. When you create goals like these, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Maybe you really enjoy working out, and going to the gym seven days a week isn’t a challenge for you, then that’s fine, that goal is something you could probably achieve. But for the rest of us, that realistically won’t happen.


Creating New Years resolutions should be about something that you can actually achieve so that when you do, you feel accomplished. Instead of trying to juggle ten different goals, try only setting one or two for yourself. Trying to accomplish too many things feels like a full time job, and is most likely going to end with you throwing in the towel a week into the new year. Another good way to make sure you stick to these goals is to make sure you set goals that you can actually accomplish. Maybe you’d like to workout more so you set a goal to go to the gym at least two or three times a week. That way if you miss a day or two, you aren’t drowning in guilt. And that way if you end up going to the gym five times that week, you feel on top of the world. Or maybe you eat junk food like it’s going out of style, so you set a goal that you are only going to eat it once a week, or only on the weekends. Whatever it may be, the goals should be fitting to you, and be things that you can actually accomplish. And once you accomplish those, you can keep adding more.

So, take baby steps, start small, and work your way up until you are feeling like the best version of yourself.


Happy Eating,


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