• Self Education
    Up to now I’ve mainly focused on ways you can set yourself up for success in the future, I’ve covered a variety of topics around budgeting and investing for your future. This week, I’d like to go back and talk… Continue Reading →
  • My Favorite Books
    Reading has been a huge part of my journey towards financial literacy, there are thousands of books written intelligent investors who share their strategies. There is a lot to learn from these books, including life style habits, financial habits, investing… Continue Reading →
  • Portfolio Diversity
    Now that I’ve talked a little bit about multiple types of investing, I wanted to talk about a general strategy that I like to follow with my investment portfolio. This strategy is called portfolio diversification, and it is essentially just… Continue Reading →
  • Meme Investing
    A popular craze in investing right now is meme investing. I few weeks ago, stocks like AMC, Game Stop, and Doge Coin say a huge spike in volatility and the prices sky rocketed. A lot of people made a lot… Continue Reading →
  • Introduction To Cryptocurrency
    The next type of investments that I’d like to take a look at are cryptocurrencies. There is a lot to unpack with crypto and there are tons of fancy words that are used that confuse outsiders. I’m going to attempt… Continue Reading →