The Commuter (on tap) by One Barrel Brewing Co

     Although this has already been featured on my blog as a “Beer of the Week,” I have decided to write about it again, but this time I drank the beer off tap in a restaurant/bar. I want to talk a bit about how this beer, although it is the same as out of the bottle, can be a very different drinking experience from buying a six pack and cracking a bottle.

     From my time on a brewery tour, I have learned that beer is brewed slightly differently when it goes into a keg than from when it goes straight into the bottle. This gives the consumer a slightly different experience while drinking the beer. I have always loved One Barrel’s beer, but something about The Commuter just has to be from tap.

Brewery: One Barrel Brewing Company

Location: Madison, WI

Style: Kolsch Style Ale

ABV: 4.8%

Availability: Draft, 6-pack Bottles