What can I blog about that satisfies both class requirements and my tastebuds? Beer.

I'm Eric, and I call Wisconsin home. Naturally, I was raised thinking that on the seventh day, God created cheese, the Packers and beer. With a dad and grandfather that favor a can of something usually light and domestic, I chose to venture into the great beyond of craft brews. Let me warn you, I also have a beard and a calf tattoo, but my passion for craft concoctions goes beyond Millennial trend. I've always been one to favor a night in with a customized six-pack, and I admit to making my selection partially based on the 'cool factor' of the label. Nevertheless, I consider my tastebuds quite elite for a 23 year-old.

So welcome, and scroll as you wish. I write every word, snap every picture, and you already know that I drink every featured beer. Agree with my impeccable taste, be outraged with what I consider delicious or dare to make your next drink something I recommend.