Guest Beer Critic – Audrey

Greetings Beer Drinkers,

I come in peace. I am female, 20-something and prefer a $5 bottle of moscato to any beer in current existence. It’s a stereotype I shamefully fulfill. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t critique a bottle or two. I just took a nice swig of…wait, checking the bottle…Hopalicious IPA brought to you by Ale Asylum. It’s Eric’s. I asked him for a sip, and then he proceeded to tell me how I drank it wrong and made too much foam form in the bottle. Oops.

Okay, so, my honest review? It’s bad. Not good. How can someone enjoy this? Like, if I put a few blades of grass, soda water and a piece of ham in a blender it would most likely produce the same taste.

But, you know, beer makes Eric happy. Beer makes a lot of people happy. So who am I to judge? The point is, I can appreciate beer but not enjoy it. Here I am making an amateur beer critique a lesson on morals.

Appreciate different tastes, styles and alcoholic beverage preferences. You don’t have to agree, but appreciate.