Who am I?

My name is Austin Hoey and I am pursuing a degree in Physical Education with a minor in Health Education and a license in Adapted Physical Education. It really doesn’t matter at first which grade level I teach, but I am hoping to get a job that I can coach baseball as well. When I get bored of that I plan on getting my masters degree in Athletic Administration. I want to be an athletic director hopefully locally but I will settle for whatever job I can get. The reason why I chose this path was from my previous teachers that were in my field of study. They were the most fun teachers and coaches that I have every had. I was very close with them and they influenced me a lot as a kid growing up so I felt like I could influence others like I was. In my opinion, I feel a good teacher is someone that will be remembered in a positive way and will influence a student inside and outside of the classroom. In the video clips I saw, video clip 1 looked way more effective for the obvious reason that he made the class way more interesting than the teacher in video clip 2. I know it’s very exaggerated but when I think of a good teacher, I remember the teachers like the one in the first video. One of my teachers in high school told me, “if you don’t make the subject enjoyable, you won’t learn a thing.” I actually was confused at first because I always got A’s and B’s regardless if I liked the class or not, so I asked him about it. I then took it as, “if you don’t make the subject enjoyable, you won’t RETAIN a thing.” I take that as a life lesson with everything I do which is to just have fun. I hope I can impact a student like he did for me because that comment was nothing to him and probably forgot he said it but I took it with me.

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