Final Blog Reflection

There are certainly many of characteristics that can be listed to go along with being a good and effective teacher. I believe that it takes not only a wide variety of good characteristics but also being able to fix and correct methods that have not worked in the past. I have had the same definition since the day we started, but I have gained a lot of knowledge as to how to be an effective teacher such as; organization, communication with other teachers, enthusiasm, working ahead and much more. I also think teachers should avoid more rather than do more such as; turning class into lectures, calling out students, not teaching with clear objectives, the list goes on and on.

There is one standard in particular that this class has helped me with and that is teachers communicating well (standard 6). Collaboration, team planning, and being generally on the same page is very crucial in having success of being an educator. It isn’t one dimensional; it is teamwork that helps the students achieve academic excellence. The most significant thing that I learned this semester that will help me in my future career is being my own person and not a “cookie cutter.” A cookie cutter is a teacher that does what the stereotypical teacher is supposed to do and doesn’t do original acts. I think creativity for the teacher and especially the students are crucial to have in the classroom. Creativity helps students figure out what makes them learn in the best way and other methods that could accomplish their overall goal.

What I will do to prepare myself for the job market will be using an ePortfolio. I believe that portfolios will be effective for me because I can add to it as I go along and I can build off of ideas I have had in the past. Portfolios also help with instruction, professional development, assessment, and research. I am able to view it at anytime and let anybody who wants to share ideas also look at it. Teachers are a team and sharing ideas only help each other out, which is what teachers should do more of.​

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