God of Carnage

It’s already nearing the end of the semester and I haven’t updated the blog at all in the past year! Whoops! For the Fall, I plead sabbatical (I wrote a book about drafting). For the Spring, I plead getting back in the swing of things.

We’re now rolling into the tech rehearsals for God of Carnage. It will be a virtual offering, but because the COVID guidelines permit us to have twenty five people in a space provided everyone is masked and distanced, I’ve designed a set that completely surrounds the action. A camera is placed at each of the four corners, and we will record the whole show over multiple nights so that the footage can be edited together to create a slightly more cinematic experience. I am soooooo not fond of Zoom tiny multi-screen theatrical experiences.

We’ve checked with the university authorities and received guidance and approval for eating and drinking during the action, as well as for the vomit scene — as long as proper distance is maintained, the actors are allowed to take off their masks for those brief periods. We’re being super cautious about our COVID precautions, as we don’t want to risk anyone’s health.

Tonight is first dress, and we’re taping with two cameras to see how the cameras read the lighting. The first tests this afternoon have been encouraging.


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