End of the Fall

Well, it’s after Thanksgiving and the campus has moved to fully remote learning. Our two Fall productions, “Vanity Fair” and “The Misanthrope,” have been recorded and sent out into the world. They did what they needed to do, and we consider them to have been successes for all involved. New modes of perfomance, technical challenges, lots of unknowns to be met and surmounted. We’re now in the midst of working out the Spring season; “Pirates of Penzance” of course, is impossible, being a major health risk to the musicians and performers (as well as technicians and audience. . . ) and has been replaced with “Antigone.” “Bandersnatch” was to be the final Spring production, and while the director considered staging it outdoors at the city of Whitewater’s new outdoor amphitheater, the health risks (even in April) were considered to be too unknown and too fluid to consider pursuing that option. We are now considered other titles that are more amenable to on-line performance modes. We hope to revisit Pirates and Bandersnatch next season.

Onward. . .

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