The Addams Family Musical

It’s the last week of classes! Sadly, our production of “Resort 76” was not selected to travel to the KCACTF Region 3 festival in January. Time to start taking that apart (though since the shop had to clear the corridor where we were storing half the show in order to make room for the arrival of the shelving system for the prop and costume collection spaces, the scenery and props have been crammed into the trap room for the time being. . .).

On the other hand, drafting continues on “The Addams Family Musical.’ I’m up to plate 15, now, and student assistant designer Abby is working up a plate for the crypt wagon.

As I’ve firmed up dimensions, I’ve also gone back to the Sketchup model and added some more details:

I’m also getting ready to dive into the paint elevations, so here’s a pic of the drafting table as I lay out the periaktoi faces:

On to finals week!

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