The Addams Family Musical

As I mentioned in the previous post, this week I’m working on the drafting for “The Addams Family Musical.”

Here are two of the plates, featuring one of the periaktoi faces:

And another featuring the details of the periaktois’ Mansard roof pieces:

On both plates, there’s some information yet to be added and/or revised as I work out features on upcoming plates. That’s one of the nice things about drafting with a computer program; it’s a bit easier to revise. Since I haven’t gotten to all the detail plates for the smaller, moveable scenic elements I don’t yet know what the total number of sheets will be. . .

On the other hand, I have enough concrete measurements to begin a detailed Sketchup model. Here’s an image with the platforming, periaktoi, and flip panels that I shared with the production team this morning:

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