Twelfth Night

Last night was first dress! Things are going a little slowly, but smoothly. Here are some photos from the last couple of days:

First, here’s student set designer Megan working on painting the edges of the platforming;. She’s tracking the plank colors down onto the sides to make it appear as though the planks have thickness:

One of the props is an aspergillum. Here’s co-props manager Abby proudly holding up the in-progress holy water wand, which is part whiffle ball:

Nathan adds black lines between the planks while Byron paints platform legs:

And a broader shot of the stage from Friday afternoon, with Nathan and Byron painting stage right, and Mary painting more center, and Megan down there working on her platform edges down left:

The view from behind the tech table at last night’s dress. Student light board operator Siena, with guest LD Noele Stollmack, and student SM Michelle at the far end:

Megan’s in the house, taking notes:

Taking a pause, and using the opportunity to fix a cravat (costumes are designed by Student Grace Rausch):

And here’s Malvolio reading the fateful letter:

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