Twelfth Night

Tonight is first the first night of technical rehearsals, and as usual, a lot has been done and a lot is still to be done.

First, here’s a pic from the wrap up of focus, with student ME Nick talking to guest LD Noele Stollmack about the history of the Autoyoke:

One of my tasks was to frame up and paint two hedge pieces. Here’s one of them drying against the wall in the Hicklin theatre:

Student scenic designer Megan paints the small patio table:

Here’s student Sam P., working on Megan’s fiendishly angled stairs:

Abby is co-Props Manager (with Siena). Here she is repairing the bread:

And Megan, once again, working out paint recipes for her pier floor treatment:

Today, KG painted the angled stairs with Megan’s lovely violet ‘slate’ colors:

And then went on to help me paint in the pier planks. Here’s a pic of the stage at the end of the shop session:

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