Resort 76

We are in the midst of technical rehearsals for Shimon Wincelberg’s “Resort 76.” Here are a few photos from the evening of the first dress rehearsal.

First, a view from behind the tech table as we wait to begin, with the set under worklights:

The director, Bruce Cohen, wanted a very industrial look to the space, and wanted to use scaffold to create this look. One of my challenges was to not only figure out what this might look like, but then to determine what pieces of scaffold would be needed (as well as what style of scaffold would be best) and then put together an order for all the bits and pieces required. We’ve wrapped the the action around three sides of the theatre (kind of a reverse thrust) to surround the audience with the environment — Bruce is very interested in immersive theatre experiences.

Here’s a pic of the character Krause, standing on the ‘balcony;’

And then a view off toward house left. That’s our publicity/marketing director Audra Lange taking publicity shots down there:

Monday night will be final dress, with our Tuesday morning matinee being opening. Then it’s on to “Twelfth Night”. . . .

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