Resort 76

Tech week begins, and we’re a bit behind. Mind you, it is only the fourth week of classes. . .

The scaffolding is largely up; here’s a view toward the southwest corner of the theatre:

I’m painting what is built. Here are the two side flats for the factory door entrance, completed and waiting for the factory door to be finished:

Yesterday was dry tech, so here’s the production team at the tech table, writing light cues, working through sound, etcetera. We’ve got student co-LDs Abby and Nick, student SM Alex Carey, faculty sound designer (collaborating from the Music Dept) Jeff Herriot, and student sound board op KC. That’s director Bruce Cohen sitting to the rear, there.

This morning, I snuck down bright and early and got most of the floor painted so it’d be dry by the time shop starts up this afternoon. Now to prep for Intro to Theatre’s quick and dirty history session — we’re going to race from the end of the Romans toward the Elizabethans!

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