Angel Street

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of the Spring semester! “Angel Street” opened on Tuesday and will close on Sunday. Then clean up, and then on to the summer shows, which include “Mary, Mary” and “Blithe Spirit.”

Our production of “Angel Street” was directed by Kymberly Mellen, with student lighting designer Nicolas Sole, and stage managed by student Alex Carey. I did the scenery, and Marshall Anderson designed the costumes. Sound was designed, with original music composed, by student Jonathan Mickel.

A few photos from final dress:

The set under work lights:

Kym added a little vignette that precipitates the action of the play, the little old lady that Mr. Manningham murders ten years earlier:

Mr. and Mrs. Manningham, at the top of the play:

Mr. Manningham leaves to go to the club. Mrs. Manningham has an episode:

Inspector Rough arrives, to voice his suspicions about Mr. Manningham:

The end of act one. Mrs. Manningham heads up to her bedroom:

Mr. Manningham returns and lights the lamps:

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