Triumph of Love

We are heading into tech week for “Triumph of Love.” Closer and closer to being done, but still a lot to accomplish before final dress Monday night.

Here’s David, one of the cast members, explaining to some Intro to Theatre students how to cover a flat with muslin:

Two of the wing flats laid out in the shop, just before I paint the quoins on them. Also the columns, waiting to be primed.

After priming, basing, and then some marbling.

Here’s our TD, Ruth, blurrily supervising the installation of the columns.

And the completed colonnade, with ME Abby standing downstage doing some electrics supervising.

Prepping for first tech, here’s one of the sound operators, Owen, working through mic check.

And before we get rolling, a view from behind the tech table. On the left, there’s our student SM Sami, in the middle, guest lighting designer Tom Littrell, and the light board operator Alexa.

And finally, a shot during rehearsal.

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