Love, Loss, and What I Wore

It’s been a hectic semester so far, and I haven’t had much time to post pictures from our last two shows. In fact, on the first show of the semester, “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” I didn’t get the set dressing done until the afternoon we opened, so I never managed to get photos of the complete set during a run (or production photos for that matter.).

Still, in the spirit of catching up, here’s a photo of the finished half inch scale model. . .

And the set under preset lighting as we wait for tech to begin. That’s the back of director Angela Ianonne there on the left.

This is from final dress, and Gingy talks about her Brownie uniform. You can see the unfinished dress drawings hanging in the alcove, there, as well as the empty shelf cubes. . .

But, the audiences enjoyed the show and we did get the whole shebang done for opening!

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