Animal Farm

Some pictures from shop progress yesterday and today!

Yesterday afternoon, the foam for the slopes was set in place and the two drop elements were hung. This is a view from the booth of the students workings to hang the erosion cloth:

And also from the booth, the legging of the pond platforming:

One of the intro students sands the edge of the pond:

The pond platforming in place. We’ll pull up the lid to install the pond liner, but at least the performers can rehearse with the shape and depth.

I started carving the slopes:

And this is as far as I got by the end of yesterday’s shop session:

This afternoon focus continued. Here’s Alex working with some of the Intro students on some notes before student designer Quinn arrives (he had class):

And here’s Quinn and Intro student Sam laughing about something at the light board:

And Quinn focussing things:

While Quinn focuses, Javonna installs masonite facing strips:

I did a paint test for the wooden columns:

So, here’s Mariah painting the columns:

Action shop shot. TA Katie teaches Intro students how to use the table saw, while TA Lilliana and her crew pull lumber down from the rack:

Lilliana also had her scenic painting marble projects drying in the shop. Here’s one of them. I had her seal half with gloss so she could see shiny marble versus matte marble. I think she did a nice job on this one: