The Tangled Skirt and Yankee Tavern

I never did get a picture of the finished “The Tangled Skirt” up last week, and now it’s closed and we’re in the middle of getting “Yankee Tavern” built. So here are two photos from “The Tangled Skirt’s” final dress rehearsal. First, the set in preset:

And then with actors Morgan Gorman and Ben Treinen on stage:

It’s a smaller shop crew during the summer, but even so, things are going swiftly, and today I painted a lot of walls and made a dent on the floor. The floor, with it’s base linear scumble:

And then with the first graining:

In the shop, TD Steve Chene and Mason work on the bar and the door:

And Emily reestablishes the mortar lines on our brick walls: