Midsummer in Midwinter

Tech week continues for Theatre Gigante’s “Midsummer in Midwinter.” Here’s the stage under worklights as we get ready to roll. There are two musicians who spend the show on the small platform up right. The two blonde chairs up left were set there both as symbol and to balance against the musicians. We’re cutting those. The columns (there are four, one at each corner of the playing space) are the only things we are allowed to alter, so we’ve painted them to look like the design on the posters. I traced out the trees, and actor and company co-founder Mark has been filling them in with brown paint.

Here we are in preset, with stage manager Therese answering dancer Edwin’s question. That’s Bo on the right.

And here’s my tech table. The “booth” is a table set off in the corner with just enough space for the SM and sound and light operators. There are no head sets. So I’m tucked up in a corner with a clip light and my script, furiously taking notes which we then put into the board at the end of the evening. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

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