Romeo and Juliet

Some production photos from last night’s final dress rehearsal. My set, lighting by student Nick Skaja, costume design by Marshall Anderson, sound design by student Joe Berman, directed by Angela Iannone, assistant director Jen Samson, Keri Ryan and Alyssa Krantz props artisans. Marguerite Frey, stage manager.

Benvolio and Romeo.

Lady Capulet, the Nurse, and Juliet.

The Nurse and the Montague toughs.

Benvolio and Mercutio getting ready for the fight with Tybalt.

Mercutio stabbed.

Nurse delivers the bad news to Juliet.


The Capulets decide to marry Juliet off to Paris.

Juliet is told she’ll marry Paris.

Romeo about to drink poison.

Romeo drag Juliet out of the tomb.

Juliet and Romeo, dead.

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