Romeo and Juliet

As light hang for “Dancescapes” continues in the Barnett. . .

. . . construction of “Romeo and Juliet” is in full swing in the Hicklin. TD Steve Chene talks to students Eric, Quinn, Bruce, and Joe about putting washers on carriage bolts as the platforms are bolted together. Since rehearsals are in the black box theatre, it made the most sense to build in there so the actors (and director, and choreographer) have as much time as possible playing with the pivot units in their various configurations. When “Dancescapes” is over, the units will break apart and be rolled over to the Barnett.

Here’s a better view of the stage right unit, as TA Keri staples things.

Intro to Tech students Liz and Samantha work on measuring and cutting facing.

And now that the model has moved into rehearsal, I get to clean off my drafting table and use it for. . . well, “Muskie Love” and “Corpse” are coming up as our summer shows. Or perhaps I’ll just go back to piling my course materials on it.