Memories last a life time

Graduation is very stressful because all these days and years we are going through school, we are leading up to one day in our life. Have you ever thought about that? We are all going through so much time and stress to each graduation. It took me a while to realize this, but we won’t be able to get college back. Never again will we be this young and not have to worry about big payments until after we get a real big job.  

I am here to remind you that we need to cherish all of the memories. There are so many stressful times, but we also need to remember they don’t have to be. Going out with your friends is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Hanging out with your roomies, or even going to a football game. You need to take the time to have some fun for yourself. 

I struggled with this for a while last year at Whitewater. Since I transferred, I didn’t know anyone. It was very hard to get out of my comfort zone to talk to people. This year I am a different person. Since its senior year it’s time to make some friends and enjoy myself. Most likely I won’t ever be around so many people again that I am able to connect with.  

Take advantage of being in college to do fun things with people. College only happens once in your life and you will regret it if you don’t spend time on yourself. Not saying that you shouldn’t do homework or study, but to learn how to have a balance with friends and family. 

Hello from your graduation guide!

Get to know me!

Hi everyone. My name is Alyssa Holliman. I am currently a senior at UW-Whitewater with an advertising major with a sociology minor. I’m in my first semester of my final year at college. My end goal out of college is to work for a big company as their event coordinator. I am a very organized person who loves to take charge of things. This blog is going to be about graduation. I am going to write about struggles, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities leading up to graduation in May 2020. I graduated with my Associates degree at UW-Waukesha so I’m also going to be talking about that somewhat. I am going to relate to how I prepared myself to graduate there compared to now.  College can change a person for the good or the worse because we all go through so many things at once. I’ve never dealt with so much stress or responsibility, but I can say I’ve learned a lot from college. My blog target audience is going to relate to those in high school, students currently in college, or those who have recently graduated. We all have or are going to go through the same thing. I hope that I can show others they aren’t the only one who is struggling with homework, or don’t know how to ask for help. I needed lots of help and encouragement to get me to where I am today. I still struggle because I’m human! I’m also taking 18 credits this semester while working two part time jobs. That is a little about me! I hope you enjoy my first blog post. -Alyssa