Why should we have it in college?

I’m not always motivated all the time but I try hard to be! Motivation to me is everything because it’s what helps me get things done. What gets me motivated is thinking about the big outcome in the future of what is going to benefit me. For example: My biggest motivation I have right now is graduation, and that is what I’m working up to.  

Where are some reasons why I see being motivated is good for you; 

1.High quality work

Having good grades is what allows us to graduate. We need a certain GPA to pass successfully. Students can’t fail classes and still be allowed to graduate. If you want to get a good grade you are going to put in a lot of time and work into it to do good.  

2.You get along with people better. 

By being motivated I’m more social with people. I think it’s because I’m trying my best to get my work done correctly. So, either asking someone for help, or studying with someone is a good way to be social. You also get to know your professors better by doing one on one with them if you need help.  

3.Less stress 

By being on top of your work to get things done, most likely you are ahead of your work. By getting work done ahead of time, it gives you more time to do other things. The process of staying ahead is very helpful since you don’t have to worry about deadlines at the last minute.  

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