College Education

Pros vs Cons

There’s always been people debating whether someone should go to college or not. Some people who have a college degree make more money than someone who doesn’t have a degree. On the other hand, there are people who don’t have a degree and make more compared to someone who did go to college. This will always be an ongoing debate because it’s different in every situation. To break this down, I thought it would be helpful to state some pros of having a degree and cons of graduating with a college degree.   


– College graduates have more and better employment opportunities 

By having a college degree, there are many more choices in the field of what you could work for. Many jobs have requirements to have a college degree, giving them the access to apply for that type of job.  


Most jobs that require a college degree offer insurance and benefits to the workers. Workers may also have the chance to get some days off and paid holiday days depending on the employer.  

-Future your skills

Universities have career fairs so students can get familiar with employers and questionnaires. There are lots of chances to get help with a resume, interview questions, or just someone to talk to.


-Student Loans 

Majority of the population doesn’t pay off their student loans until age 30-40 because of the high percentage rates and high tuition costs.  

If someone didn’t go to college, they wouldn’t have college debt.  


Some find it hard to get a job or sticking to a job that meets their needs, or have other responsibilities causing them to be unemployed.  On average it takes someone 6 months to a year to get a job after graduating.

-College degrees do not guarantee learning or job preparation

When going to college, you can only learn so much background knowledge and definition on a topic. That’s teaching you about something, not how to do a job. Once you are hired for a job, the employer teaches you everything you need to know. Lots of employers have a job that doesn’t fit there degree. As long as you have a bachelors or masters, you can get a job almost anywhere even if it’s not in your field.

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