Welcome back to the Weekly Co-op!

Competitive local multiplayer not your thing? That’s okay! Every week there will be one game focusing on beating your friends, and one focusing on working with your friends!

This week’s Co-op game will be Broforce!

Player count: 1-4

Platform: PC, PS4

Price: $14.99

Do you love classic 70s/80s action stars? Do you love awesome rock music? How about gratuitous gore? Well this is the game for you! Borforce is a crazy, fast-paced 2-D side scroller meant to test the bonds of anyone who plays it.

Broforce is all about killing stuff with cool action heroes to get to the end of the map. From parody characters of The Terminator to Indiana Jones, this game has all the different kinds of actions heroes you can think of. All of the characters have ‘bro’ somewhere in the name , and the game really tries to emphasize that. Shoot, explode, and slash your way through each level so you can progress all the way to hell where you and your bros get to kill the devil.

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The reason this game tests the relationships of anyone who plays it is because this is not an easy game. Each player can only get hit once before they die, and you can only respawn if you freed other bros somewhere on the map. Otherwise, you have to go back to a checkpoint every time you die, and the checkpoints become less and less forgiving the farther into the game you go.

While it is a hard game, this game is loads of fun. Goofy deaths, lots of communication, and plenty of ‘MERICA to go around, this game is wild, and I love it.

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back soon with more recommendations! Have a great week!



Tired of playing Call of Duty and Rocket League with your friends? Interested in finding a new, cheap game to play with your friends? Well, look no further! Welcome to the Weekly Co-Op!


Today’s recommendation will be Starwhal!

Players: 1-4

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, WiiU, PS3

Price: $11.99

Starwhal was released a few years ago (2013), but it has taken the couch co-op world by storm. It is a simple game with only a few mechanics, but it is hard to master and fun to play! You are a narwhal set in an 80’s style theme. The 2-D game is focused on stabbing the other narwhals in the heart.





Image from Steam

Violent, I know; however, it is not as bad as you might think. Since the game is already a goofy theme (narwhals stabbing each other with their noses set in an 80’s theme) the game follows suit with this. When you get close to other ‘starwhals”, time slows down. When you get to the other player’s heart, the heart explodes in a 2-D, non-graphic explosion. The game is safe for children and adults to play together.

There are multiple game modes in the game, specifically 4. There is a classic mode, a mode where one player has a special heart (plays like king of the hill except the hill is a special heart) called Heart Throb, Zones (which is like king of the hill), and Score Attack (instead of losing hearts, you gain score when you stab someone else).

There are plenty of customization options to make your Starwhal unique, and plenty of different options to change up the game every time.

The game is only $12, and has been giving my friends and I hours of fun since I bought it almost 4 years ago. Starwhal is a great game for any person on a budget and looking to play something new with their friends.

That’s all for the Weekly Co-op, check back in soon for another game! Have a great week!