Hien Nguyen


“You gotta make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song”

(Mama Cass Elliot)

My research goals are to explore and develop computational models and techniques to help users better access and retrieve more relevant information while doing their jobs more efficiently and effectively. To achieve my research goals, I have focused on inter-disciplinary research in three main areas, specifically: user modeling, information retrieval and human factors. The fundamental idea behind my research is to capture information dynamically about a user and use it to improve retrieval performance and user performance. In my approach, I combine the system-centered approaches and user-centered approaches by taking a well-established evaluation framework in information retrieval while exploiting the strengths of formal knowledge representations in artificial intelligence for building the model.In addition to the main research stream, I am also interested in computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), human computer interactions (HCI), human factors (HF) and distributed computing (DC). Below is the list of my papers classified into several main research topics and the summary of my dissertation.

Papers classified by research topics

Cognitive user model supported intelligence analysts and Commanders : ICIA05a , ICIA 05b. HCISS05 , IAT 08 , UMAP 09 , WI 10, HFES 2016 , IEEE Transaction SMC Part A (2012) .

Text Summarization : Book Chapter 09 , WI 08 , IEEE Transactions SMC Part A 2011

Geo-spatial and Distributed Information Retrieval :SPIE05, SPIE06 , E-GOV Journal 2007 , IFGM Book Chapter 08, Applied Intelligence 2010

User Models for Information Retrieval: ICAI00, IAT01, UM03, AAAI Doctoral Consortium 2004, AAAI MOO Workshop 2006 , CIR Book Chapter 09 , Hybrid User Model Chapter 2013 .

Empirical Evaluations of Adaptive User Model: UM03, AH04, UM Workshop 05 .

Human Factors: HFES03, HFES04

Meta-learning : WI 2012 .

Collaborative Filtering: UAI99, AAAI Workshop 99, AAAI Workshop 98

Misc: AIPS98, IC2000.
1. Dynamic Context-Centric Commander’s Decision Support through Real-time Inverse Reinforcement Learning (Co-PI with Dr. Eugene Santos Jr., sponsored: Office of Naval Research, awarded 50,000 from 2015-2016)
2. Hybrid User Model for Adaptive Visualization to Understand Machine Learning Algorithms (PI, Sponsor – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Faculty Development, awarded $6,800 from 2015-2016).
3. Invigorating computer science education through establishment of undergraduate project lab (CS HUB): Co PI, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, awarded $49,680 (2012-2013).
4. Strategic Adversarial Modeling Systems (SAMS) – Using the Trauma Registry to Understand the Adversary’s Intent in Preventing, Mitigating, and Treating IED/Combat Injuries. $91,000 (from 2010-2011) (Sponsor – BMI)
5. Enabling a Collaborative Problem-Solving Framework Through User Modeling of the Analytic Process (Co-PI with Dr. Eugene Santos Jr., CASE program, Sponsor – IAPRA, DTO, awarded $200,000 from 2007-2010)
6. Evaluation of the Effects of User-Sensitivity on Text Summarization (PI, Sponsor – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, awarded $3000)

Mentor of 13 undergraduate research grants and 17 undergraduate research students

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