New Stuff Tuesday – July 25, 2017

Through Deaf Eyes book cover

Through Deaf Eyes
Produced by Lawrence R Hott and Diane Garey
HV2530 .T57 2007
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

The DVD Through Deaf Eyes is a documentary that encompasses around 200 years of Deaf life in the US, from the time that American Sign Language (ASL) originated to 2007. It shares the perspectives of teachers, historians, and others who are hearing impaired on topics such as signing, oral English, and identity. The documentary explains the difference between the “Deaf” community, people who are part of the cultural-linguistic group who use American Sign Language, and “deaf” people, those with hearing impairments who do not identify as part of that community. The two are not mutually exclusive.

This film is fascinating and enlightening. One if the things I learned was that although every American knows who Alexander Graham Bell is, few know that his mother and wife were deaf. Regarding teaching language to the deaf, Bell was a major proponent of “oralism,” which is when language instruction focuses on speaking aloud and lipreading. He even opened a school for the deaf in 1872 where “visible speech” was taught. He didn’t approve of sign language. ASL is now the primary language taught in schools for students who are deaf.

The film is primarily a mix of modern interviews and historical images, it also incorporates six lively short documentaries into the whole, which are produced by Deaf media artists and filmmakers. Below is a link to a clip from one of these: CJ Jones – What are You, Hearing?

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T3: Printing Unofficial Transcripts

example of unofficial transcript image
Starting this week, the way you view and print unofficial transcripts through WINS changed slightly:

1. Log into WINS

2. Select Self-Service

3. Select ‘Transcript: View Unofficial”  from the menu

4. The button which generates the UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT will now display as “VIEW REPORT”

5. Select “VIEW REPORT” button and the UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT will be generated and displayed as a PDF in your web browser.

Further details and Complete process documentation about unofficial transcripts is available on the Registrar’s Office website.

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New Stuff Tuesday — July 18, 2017

All Aunt Hagar's Children Bookcover Image

All Aunt Hagar’s Children
By Edward P. Jones
PS3560.O4813 A77 2006
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

Although not a new book in the world, this is a new book to our library. It is well worth your time if you love short stories, modern American fiction, or narratives where a specific location is almost another character in the story. These stories range across time in order to detail the lives of residents of Washington, D.C. If you are tired of Washington’s political drama, then refresh your spirit with these stories about the real citizens of the city and their lives.

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New Stuff Tuesday — July 11, 2017

Followers CD cover

By Tenth Avenue North
CCM Ten Fol
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

This week’s featured item is a late-2016 release from the popular contemporary Christian band, Tenth Avenue North. As the title hints, all of the 10 songs focus on some aspect of being a Christ-follower in the modern world. It’s not a purely saccharine portrait, though: various songs address the fears (“Afraid”), questions, and self-doubt (“Control”) that are still present in every believer’s life to some extent, as well as the enduring hope and peace that come from knowing Christ and trusting His work for salvation (“No one can steal our joy,” “Fighting for you”).

My personal favorite off this CD is “Sparrow,” with its more thoughtful, less-amped first verse, and the lyrics that draw from Jesus’s words in Matthew and several different Psalms — and a direct tribute to the well-loved 20th-century gospel hymn: “His eyes are on the sparrow / And I know He watches me.”

Take a listen, or browse for other popular music in many diverse genres in our Browsing CD collection on 2nd floor.

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Trafficking in Persons

cover of 2910 Trafficking in Persons ReportThe 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report has been issued, and previous reports since 2001 are available online as well. The website states that

[T]he Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is the U.S. Government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. It is also the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts and reflects the U.S. Government’s commitment to global leadership on this key human rights and law enforcement issue.

You can learn more with Andersen Library’s resources, including books such as From human trafficking to human rights: Reframing contemporary slavery (ebook online via Project MUSE, summary and preview available from Google Books) and Human trafficking: A global perspective (3rd-floor Main Collection, HQ281 .S63 2010, summary and preview available from Google Books) and articles such as “Human trafficking of children in Illinois: Prevalence and characteristics” (Children and Youth Services Review, 2016, vol.69, pp.127-135, and “Assisting victims of human trafficking: Strategies to facilitate identification, exit from trafficking, and the restoration of wellness” (Social Work, 2014, vol.59:no.2, pp.111-118).

Several Federal government agencies provide information online, including the National Institute of Justice, Homeland Security (learn about the Blue Campaign), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and others. You can easily find government sources online by adding to a Google search, e.g., “human trafficking”

If you’d like assistance with finding additional information, please ask a librarian (choose chat or email, phone 262-472-1032, or visit the Reference Desk).

Andersen Library is a federal and Wisconsin depository library with federal and state government documents on a variety of current and relevant issues available to you in various formats (print, DVD/CD-ROM, online). Check out your government at Andersen Library!

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New Stuff Tuesday – July 4, 2017

Ozobot Bit Starter Pack

Ozobot Bit Starter Pack
By Evollve, Inc.
TJ211.2.O9 2016
Curriculum Collection, Teaching Tools, 2nd floor

If you have never tried to code before, the Teaching Tools collection at Andersen Library has little robots to help you get started – Ozobot Bits. These robots sense line and color patterns drawn with colored marker, or follow patterns on tablets and other digital screens. This is programming at its most basic.

Find examples of how Ozobot is used in the classroom by visiting the Teacher’s Guide on Ozobot’s Getting Started page.

To introduce younger children to coding principles, check out OSMO Coding, also located in the Teaching Tools collection on Andersen Library’s second floor.

YouTube Preview Image
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July 4th Holiday: Library Hours, Local Events

Andersen Library will close at 4:30p.m. on Mon. (July 3rd) and reopen at 7:30 a.m. on Wed. (July 5th), because of the Fourth of July holiday on Tuesday.

While the physical library is closed, online access to databases (including articles), the library holdings information listed in Books, media and more (UW Whitewater) (including access to ebooks) and Ask a Librarian online assistance via chat will be available.

Flag and fireworks imageBut if you’re taking a break from studies, you can celebrate the holiday!

Whitewater’s Family Festival runs Fri.-Tues., June 30-July 4. The schedule includes a parade at 10am on Tues., the 4th (parade route map), preceded by the 10th annual Whippet City Mile Run along the same route and starting at about 9:50am. The Festival also includes midway games, food, music, the annual car & bike rally (on the 4th, 8am-2pm), Minneiska ski show (on the 2nd & 4th, at noon, on Cravath Lake), fireworks, and more.

Many nearby communities will be celebrating as well, e.g., Milton offers softball games (on Mon., July 3rd), carnival, parade (1pm on Tues. the 4th), music, fireworks, and more. The Hoard Historical Museum (401 Whitewater Ave, Fort Atkinson) will host its 38th annual ice cream social on the 4th from 1-4pm with music and patriotic readings. Fort Atkinson also has fireworks on Sun., July 2, at 9:45pm at the high school (925 Lexington Blvd, Fort Atkinson) and a Community Band Concert on Mon., July 3, at 7:30pm in Barrie Park (210 Robert St), with an ice cream social that starts at 6:30pm. Events listings are available for Jefferson County communities or Walworth County communities by selecting a date or date range on their calendars. To find events in other communities, please search the Internet or ask a librarian (call 262.472.1032, come in, email or chat) for assistance.

Enjoy. Happy Fourth! Andersen Library will see you on Wednesday, July 5th, when we will be open for our usual summer sessions hours (7:30am-8pm).

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Savory Sounds on Thursdays

Tired of packing a lunch and eating it in Andersen Library while you study?

Take a break! You can enjoy your lunch at Savory Sounds, a series of free lunchtime music concerts at the Birge Fountain in Whitewater (in front of the White Building at 402 W Main St) on Thursdays from 11:30am-12:45pm:

  • June 29: Main Street Big Band (big band music)
  • July 6: Bill Hill (jazz)
  • July 13: Stuart Stotts (children’s concert)

photo of Browsing CD racksOr, enjoy music with your lunch at the Library any day! Choose something unfamiliar from the Browsing CD collection on 2nd floor. It’s got everything from yodeling to opera, along with rock, folk, world music, classical, and more. There also are streaming music databases on the database list like DRAM; Music Online’s Jazz Music Library, Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, African American Music Reference; and Naxos.

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New Stuff Tuesday – June 27, 2017

Cafe Neandertal

Cafe Neandertal: Excavating Our Past in One of Europe’s Most Ancient Places
By Beebe Bahrami
GN285 .B34 2017
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

If you’re interested in human prehistory, travel writer Beebe Bahrami can introduce you to some long-lost relatives. Europeans and Asians whose ancestors migrated out of Africa 40,000-70,000 years ago, all carry some genes of Neanderthal humans, making them your long lost relatives.

The writer works alongside a research team that includes specialists from a variety of fields as they attempt to paint a complete picture of the Neanderthals who died — or were buried — in the caves in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. Geologists, paleoanthropologists, paleolithic archaeologists, and filmmakers among others, work together in the field by day. By night, they sip scotch and debate what Neanderthals were like – and whether they like what they speculate these earlier humans were like.

Researchers are slowly uncovering in the field and piecing together in the lab a more complete picture of the lives, culture and society of these human ancestors who disappeared from the fossil record 35,000 years ago while leaving their genetic imprint behind.

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New Stuff Tuesday — June 20, 2017

book cover image for Sex and the constitution featuring the title in black text over a blue image of lady justice on a yellow background

Geoffrey Stone’s work Sex and the Constitution is a compendium to understand the complex legal history of sex and sexuality within the United States. As the title suggests the book covers everything from the founding father’s thoughts about sexuality and takes us up to the most recent landmark case on sexuality, Ogberfell v. Hodges which legalized same sex marriage in 2015. Readers will be interested to learn how most laws regarding sexuality were not included in the first 100 years of the country as it was treated as a private matter. Stone brings his years of legal academic experience at the University of Chicago Law School to highlight this history that so often was influenced by the cultural influences of the day.

Sex and the Constitution:
Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century
by Geoffrey R. Stone
Call number: KF9325 .S76 2017
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Geoffrey Stone was recently the featured guest on the podcast The Axe Files with David Axelrod. If this book sounds of interest, this podcast is a great chance to hear the author talk about his career in law and the book.

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