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Democratic Leadership Style

The democratic leadership style is also referred to as shared leadership or participative leadership, encourages members of a team to take on responsibilities in decision-making. It is a leadership style that can be used by any leader in any industry, from corporations to educational facilities to government positions. During my employment at a plastic manufacturerna as a floor supervisor . I use what I believed the best of shared leadership . I was told that I was taking over the the high producted crew . That was true was but the also had the highest scrap rate. The most amazing thing that it was alright because plastic could be recycle. I had to show the amout of money lost in the scrap. The labor cost for producing scrap , the labor hours to grid the scrap parts. T he cost of not being able to meet shiping goals. One my problems that add to the issues was turn over rate which was fight mangement to establish a bonus tie to goals and attended require to qualified for the bonuses . I had to proof that I was the person to help them grow. I remeber when I was ask to coach a Little League team 10th and 11 graders. I try everything to help them winning but they would not listen so I made the decision to take some of my best players of the starting roster. They made the comments that we were going to lose all thegames. My response was we are doing that already. So I did the same thing and fired the biggest mouth on the crew and he made the statment as I was walking him out he made to crew member I will see you guys tomorrow . The next day many of the crew share with me that he was lazy and would not do his share of work. So I ask how it felt to help him get a check and ask them the getting rid of the bad apple for the good of the team. I will share more of a Democratic Leadership Style.

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Leadership Styles

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The military chain also service one other purpose beside the way to reporting how things are going in the front. It designates who will take command if the leader or leaders are lost in actions. The training is done so who is next, and the stature is next man up. As mention in pass Blog that the leadership inspire their subordinates through rapport, inspiration, and empathy and work well in an environment where they can create change by working with their subordinates.

When we were deployed over sea, we use to call the United States the world. When I get back to the world I am going to go back to school. To learn to be a leader it should be easy I leaded a team, a squad, or a platoon. Sorry it not that easy because the reason back in world stay is not to just stay alive but so many different reasons. I need money for a nice car, money to support myself or my family and many other reasons to follow you or me. I have read and research leadership experts and listen to a few leaderships speakers and work under different leaders in different industry.  President Abraham Lincoln is giving credit as to once have said, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” or words to that effect. He quoted that “A person’s character is the foundation of great leaders”. Scholarly of leadership have come up with 5 leadership styles and 7 Definitions of Leadership. In my next post I will share two of the five leadership styles and three of the of the seven definition of leadership.

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Leadership Styles

There are many leadership styles in the world, and I will do my best before leaving this world to get my style in the leadership books. In my lifetime I have work under great, good, fair, and badmanagers and supervisors. I also server under army officers that needed to be fair and learn to become great leaders. The hierarchy of the military at highest is a five-star general and follow by a lieutenant general, a major general, and brigadier general. This transformational leadership followers have trust and confidences in them. They are usually technical experts in their fields, want to improve their environment and understand their Soldiers’ roles. They inspire their subordinates through rapport, inspiration, and empathy and work well in an environment where they can create change by working with their subordinates.

The chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. Orders are passed down the chain of command, from higher ranked military personnel to lower ranked military personnel until those orders are received by those who implement the orders. Similarly, requests move up the chain of command until they reach the individual who has the authority to make decisions regarding a particular type of request. During the orders being passed down the chain every sender of the order understand that they may be sending many young people to their end. It weights harder on the platoon leaders, squad leaders and team leaders who have being with their men 24/7 and had developed a strong relationship with those that they leaded into the danger of combat. It is harder than firing a person whose family depend on them for support but also not easy.

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Leaders a is born no leaders are made! The truths are leaders are mostly made can be good leaders. However, leaders are not born which is good news for those of us in beginning at on our leadership journey. Leaders can indeed be developed however, some us are born with the martials that will help us in our leaderships adventure. Have hope because leaders need to be made. The truth is that we all need to learn how to be a leader of others.

I need to be in charges so thing can run better, I need to make more money. I know how to get things right. I have found myself think and asking this any many other questions. I believe that this one area was the grass is not that green however, we can start doing landscaping before we cross over to the other side. Begin to be a leader without a title


I am have learn to be a leader from a very young age and through my life jouney . As a leader I have made many mistakes and I am sure that before I leave this world I will make some more. I have also learn that I am not alone in the learnship world of mistakes. The oldes of 12 siblings my brother and sisters will tell testify that I suck big time because we all got punish for follow help me with dumb ideas. My first mentors in leadership were my baseball and football coachs. I didn’t know at time that a catcher was the one that dircector of the team on defense. I alway thought the the pitcher was the leader. As I got older I acted like a leader and preform like a leader even though I did not have the title. I learn how to be a leader the hard it call on the training. I feel that I help other by sharing my experience with others.

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