Comedian gives Relatable Performance

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UW-W) were in for quite a show from stand-up comedian, Erin Jackson.

Jackson performed her stand-up comedy act in the Down Under in the University Center on campus on Thursday, Feb. 28.

“She’s a minority and for some reason, I tend to relate more when it comes to minority presenters,” said UW-W sophomore Nayeli Govantes.

In her show, Jackson joked about many things including being a single adult, her parents, her culture and more.

“She was really real. She said what came to her; her mom planning a funeral, being single and interacting with the crowd, which was really funny,” said Govantes.

Both Govantes and UW-W sophomore Viviana Luchuga related to some of Jackson’s situations that she expressed in her act.

“For me, it was my helping my parents with cellphones and technology,” said Govantes.

While Govantes connected to Jackson’s relationship with her parents, Lechuga related to Jackson’s lack of a romantic relationship.

Along with relating to Jackson’s jokes in her show, students appreciated that she was different than other comedians they had seen in the past.

“She’s the first female comedian I’ve seen. I’ve only seen male [comedians],” said Lechuga. “She exceeded expectations.”

Govantes also agreed with Lechuga and expanded that Jackson made it easy for the students to relate to her.

“The comedians that I’ve been to don’t go back their way back life. She went all the way back to her college life. Maybe it’s just because she’s relating it to college, but for me, I haven’t seen that. Possibly, it’s because we’re in college and it’s a way to connect to the audience,” said Govantes.

Jackson’s choice of clothing appealed to the students, recognizing her as an authentic person.

“She wasn’t all dressed up. She was just casual, she was just her. She didn’t put up that whole performance thing. She just said her life and personal situations she’s had,” said Govantes.

Lechuga also agreed that Jackson is a sincere character.

“She’s not fake. I’ve seen that in a lot of people,” said Lechuga. “She’s honest.”

Jackson has been on nationally known talk shows, giving her credibility in her profession.

“I’ve seen her on Conan,” said Lechuga.

Although some students may not have known her before the show, they still came out to see what Jackson was all about.

“I know she’s really good because they said she’s from Ellen and Conan,” said Govantes.

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