Interesting Links

In the Footsteps of Newton – movie

In May 2011, I was part of a History of Math class at Hanover College who spent two weeks making a documentary on the life and impact of Sir Isaac Newton.  For more information, see

Link to video on YouTube


Higher Ed Social – podcast

In November 2016, I was invited to appear on Higher Ed Social, a podcast run by Lougan Bishop and Jackie Vetrano.  We discussed the academic job search, Erdős numbers, and mathematics more generally.

Link to podcast on Higher Ed Social


University of Kentucky “Math for Poets” – article

In November 2013, I was interviewed by reporters from the University of Kentucky about teaching Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, a kind of “math for poets” general education course that addresses voting theory, cryptography, fair division, and introductory graph theory.

Link to article on University of Kentucky’s website