Week of 4/21/2019

Scores from April 21st, 22nd and 23rd. This will keep you updated on what happened with the Brewers, Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers and Marquette Golden Eagles. Click more to see what has happened!


The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Cardinals 3-4. A. Miller got the win, A. Wilson got the loss and J. Hicks got the save.


The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Pistons 127-104. This was the fourth game in the first round of the playoffs for the Bucks. Giannis lead the Bucks with 41 points, S. Brown lead with 13 rebounds and also lead with 6 assists. With the Bucks win, the Bucks have won there first playoff series since 2001. Here’s the highlights to the game:

The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Cardinals 5-13. J. Flaherty got the win and A. Houser got the loss.


The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Dodgers 5-6. K. Jansen got the win and J. Hader got the loss.

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