What happened in the last two days

Scores from February 20 and 21. This will keep you updated on what happened with the Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers and Marquette Golden Eagles. Click more to see what has happened!


Marquette’s Mens basketball team defeated Butler 79-69. M.Howard lead the Golden Eagles with 28 point, T. John lead them with 11 rebounds and S. Hauser lead them with 4 assists. The 11th ranked team in the nation just keeps on winning. Howard has been have a great year for the Golden Eagles.
Wisconsin Badgers women’s basketball team defeated Illinois 75-67. M. Howard lead the Badgers with 27 points, I. Lewis lead the Badgers with 12 rebounds. N. Beverley lead the Badgers with 4 assists.


The Milwaukee Bucks faced a very good team in the Boston Celtics. The  game was very close and the Bucks won the game 98-97. Giannis lead the Bucks with 30, Giannis also lead the bucks with 13 rebounds, and Giannis also lead the Bucks with 6 assists. Giannis had a dominating game to just boost resume on being the MVP of this season. Here is a video of the best highlights of the game:

That is what has happened in the last two days in sports in the state of Wisconsin. With the bucks having the best record in the league is something that a Bucks fan isn’t used too due to them not being good for so long and I am enjoying it.

Adam Thompson

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