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Happy Holidays! It’s Secret Menu Time!

First up on the list is the Olaf Frappuccino! Now, this drink is actually quite simple. You start by ordering a vanilla bean frap, with white mocha drizzle painted on the cup! Then you top it with whip cream and… Continue Reading →

Do You Love Fall? Get Your Favorites Today! Starbuck’s Secret Menu!

Hello, all my coffee lovers! Today I will be talking about the Starbuck’s secret menu. After doing some research I found quite a few different drinks! Including, but not limited to The Spooky Macchiato, The Apple Pie Frappuccino, The Candy… Continue Reading →


Starbucks, The New Study Spot?! Starbucks is a hot topic coffee chain and arguably the most popular coffee chain, and if you drink coffee you have most likely ended up there a time or two. There are lots of mixed… Continue Reading →

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