Membership Status

Requirements of your membership:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or obtain board’s approval (unofficial transcript)
  • Must be on at least one IMA committee
  • Must attend at least one community service event each semester
  • Must attend at least one fundraising event
  • Achieve points based on point values listed below:


Point Value
Attendance at National Conference 50
Attendance at Management Night Banquet 35
Field Trip / Company Tour 25
Attendance at a campus speaker meeting 25
Attendance at a campus general member meeting 25
Attendance at a parent chapter meeting 25
Participation at a fundraiser event 25
Social event 25
Community Service event 15
Focus Group Participation 10
Committee activities 5-25
Miscellaneous/Homecoming/Broomball/etc 5-25

Membership Status

To become a PLATINUM member:
-Obtain 400 points
-Attend two parent chapter meetings
-Attend two tours
-Attend two socials
-Participate in two focus groups
-Participate in two fundraisers
-Participate in two community service events


To become a GOLD member:
-Obtain 300 points
-Attend two parent chapter meetings OR
-Participate in a focus group and a parent chapter
-Participate in one community service
-Participate in one fundraiser
-Attend on tour


To become a SILVER member:                   Required for IMA Executive Board Members
-Obtain 200 points
-Attend one parent chapter meeting
-Participate in one community service event
-Participate in one fundraiser
  • Members will receive committee points based on their involvement in the committee.  Both the executive board and the overseeing board member of the committee will determine the points
  • Members can and are encouraged to join more than one committee and can earn up to a maximum of 50 points for committee activities.
  • Any other IMA related activities should be reported to VP-Membership and appropriate points will be awarded to applicable members.
  • Members that sign up for an event, but do not attend without any prior notice, will be deducted the respective points allotted for that event.

Whitewater IMA Application

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